10 Absolutely Creative DIYs for Your Kitchen

8. Mini kitchen trolley

8. Mini kitchen trolley

The way a kitchen is decorated and arranged says quite a lot about the owner. You can see a lot, from the color theme of the kitchen, to even the dishes as well. Particular ways of arranging your kitchen can bring out the best of it. You can easily decorate your kitchen to suite your liking! You need to use the right cabinets, the right drawers and the right shelves as well. This will insure that you kitchen will look lovely and tidy. Here are some amazing ideas you can arrange your kitchen in a creative way.

Open Shelves

Most kitchens have cabinets to store dishes and all. Dare to be different and use open shelves instead! You or your visitors can easily access the dishes they want to use. Instead of going around looking for a particular dish, just look around and be able to spot what you want.

Window Shelves

Most times, the kitchen sink is positioned with a window above it. If it is this way for you, here is a great idea. Place shelves by the side of the window. On these shelves, you get to place whatever you want! From your glass utensils; to add a classy look, to even just placing plants on them; to add a nature feel.

Kitchen Hooks

This involves keeping objects such as cooking spoons, spatulas or even your kitchen thermometer on hooks. This helps with easy access to these utensils.

Magnetic Shelves

We usually stick things on our refrigerators with magnets. With this DIY, you get to stick some magnets on a light plastic basket (size and color of your choice!) then the basket to the outside of your refrigerator. In these basket shelves, you can keep things such as spices.

Dining Furniture Set

If your kitchen is big enough, you can add a dining furniture set. A simple table and chairs. This will help give your kitchen a homey and friendly look. Choose a corner in your kitchen and add this to it!

Corner Cabinet

The cabinet at the corner is usually difficult to use. It is edgy and most times not user friendly. Well, with this idea, you can place a curvy wooden tray in the cabinet. This will make using the corner cabinet easier because, instead of reaching your hand all the way to the corner, all you will need to do is turn the curvy tray to give you access to the objects that are far from you.

Kitchen Trolley

A trolley has wheels. This means that you can easily wheel it around. So, if you keep your utensils such as pots, pans or even recipe books on a trolley, you can easily wheel them so there are located where it’s convenient for you!

Mini Kitchen Trolley

You can also choose to use a smaller trolley to keep things such as spices and other smaller things you constantly need when you are cooking. The size and color of the trolley is your choice.

Simple Dining Furniture

If your kitchen is small, but you still want a dining furniture set in it, this DIY is excellent for you! You can drill your table to the wall, so that it doesn’t take much space, then use just a couple of chairs. This is homey and friendly as well.

Dish Towel Rack

This DIY involves placing a Rack for dishtowels on a trolley. This way, not only will you be able to access whatever you keep on the trolley, you can easily access a dish towel just as well.

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