10 Creative DIYs For Your Yard

7. Storage Baskets

7. Storage Baskets

When the weather is good, I love to go out with my family and friends and relax out in my yard. Get some fresh air and watch the children play. If you love spending time in your yard, these DIYs will be a perfect way for you to make your yard better. These are ideas will make your yard unique and look very lovely. With these incredible DIYs, there will be more of spending time outside for both you and your children.

Jar Bird Feed

Imagine sitting out in your yard, relaxing and enjoying the fresh breeze and warm sun. And to add on to that, you get to watch as birds feed on the seeds and crumbs you placed out for them. This bird seed is great because you get to recycle glass jars. The jar can be hanged on trees or you can place it in the middle of a bird bath so to attract even more birds to come. You can use see through glass jars and place in them colorful seeds so not only to attract birds but to add more color to your yard.

Folding chairs

Folding chairs are convenient for your yard. They can easily be folded and placed indoors when the weather changes for the worse and be placed back out when you want to relax in your yard. But, your folding chairs do not have to be boring and plain. You can easily paint them over into exciting and fun colors. This is likely to make your yard even more inviting! You can choose to paint them with natural colors that will blend with the other colors in your yard, or you can choose to go all out and use bright and friendly colors.

Boot Plant Pot

If you have worn out garden boots, this DIY is great for you and your yard or garden. Instead of throwing away the garden boots, you can choose to recycle them and turn them into plant pots for your yard. You can place in them your baby plants and delicate plants that you want to easily move from one position to another.

Picnic Table/Bench

This DIY is fantastic! It is everything you need for your yard. You can easily turn it from one use to another. Imagine being able to have a meal outside with your family on a fine, warm day. The picnic table would be perfect for this. You can have it as long as you need to be so to cater to you and your family’s needs. The picnic table can be folded up and turned into benches as well. This is quite unique and also enables you to create space in your yard. You do not have to get separate pieces of yard furniture, but just use this one.

Yard Wooden Bed

For a hot lazy day, this DIY is perfect! This wooden bed should be built under a tree that creates a large enough shadow to cover the bed. When the weather is hot and lazy, or you want to relax outside with a book, you could easily go and enjoy yourself under the shade of a tree and get to lie down on a comfortable surface. You can choose the size of the bed to suit you well. This DIY would be a great and better choice than lying down directly on the ground.

Portable Trolley

This DIY enables you to move things from one place to another whilst you are in your yard. It is an amazing DIY to have especially when you are having a barbeque or braai outside. With this trolley, you get to place all you will need from the inside of your home and take them outside where you will need the things. You can put on it your food, beverages and dishes and take them out to your hard without much difficulty because all you will need to do is push or pull the trolley.

Storage Baskets

If you keep a number of objects out in your yard, then this is a must know for you. These storage baskets are made out of plastic meaning they are strong enough to hold their contents. You can choose to put labels on the baskets so to easily be able to identify what you are looking for.

Hanging Plant in Pots

If you have delicate plants, you can use this DIY. The plant pots can be attached to a wooden pallet and the pallet can lean against a wall far from reach. So if you have baby plants or delicate plants in your yard that need to grow before being transferred to the ground, this would be fantastic to use.

Slab stone

You can use slab stone for different things in your yard. For example, this idea is slab stones being used for a game of Tic Tac Toe. This is definitely one clever way to bring your children out to play instead of being indoors all the time!

Hedge Teepee

This DIY is fun and creative! It allows your children to go out into the yard and play. This is a great substitute to tree houses. It will allow your children to have fun outside with their friends.

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