10 Dorm DIY Ideas

10 Dorm DIY Ideas 3

10 Dorm DIY Ideas 3

We all know that money is a bit strapped when you are in university or college. However that does not mean that your dorm room should suffer. Here are some inexpensive decorating ideas for you. Make your room look hip and happening and be the envy of your friends. Thank us later!

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College is a place of memories with friends and school mates. Capture them into a beautiful photo board of any color of your choice. Use this photo board for all those family and friends picture hat you left back home, we know university can get boring and make on home sick.

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Every room needs a lamp for those late night studying days and running against deadlines. However the lamps need not be ugly. Get a cute lamp of and you get patterned material and colored material to cover your lamp and personalize it.

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We know that those dorm wallpapers can be very boring and dull. No stress you can pimp out your wall by having wall pictures. You don’t even have to be artist, you may print pictures from the internet and have them hung in different positions in your room. Sounds childish and unappealing but try it.

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Your bedspread is very important in a small space. Ensure that you choose one that is popping and brings color and vibrancy to your dull room. Also it helps pick up your mood come exam time!

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Your university will probably provide for you’re a medium mirror in the bathroom but usually that’s not enough. When you get yourself that full body mirror for checking out your outfits when going out. Your mirror doesn’t have to boring as well, enhance it with flowers and stars.

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Your desk space doesn’t have to be boring and plain. I mean this is where you are going to be spending most of your nights. Make it fun and pleasant for you to hang out. It should motivate you to want to study.

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Every department store has very cheap and colorful throw pillows. Grab a bunch of them to make your bed comfortable for you and your friends. You will love this one and your friends will to.

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We know studying in bed can take you right to bed, you don’t have to use your pillow to put your books when you studying on the floor. Get yourself a cute and colored lap table. It is so efficient for students.

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The most annoying thing about dorm is that now you have to share your space with someone. That basically means you cannot leave your stuff laying around everywhere. Ladies get yourself a makeup organizational drawer. Keeps all your makeup in one place and makes it easy for you to doll up before class.

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Omg, pom poms are so cute! Make different colored ones and hang them from the ceiling. So chic.

There you go, these are some ideas to decorate your dorm space. We wish you all the best with dolling up your room and of course with your studies.

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