10 Incredible Ideas for Bird Coops

10. Bird coop

10. Bird coop

If you keep birds that stay in a coop, then this is a must read for you. You need to keep the birds in one place so that they do not mess with your garden (if you have one) or your yard. And at the same time, you need to give the birds space to be able to move around well. This might be a difficult task for some to do. If you found bird coop ideas hard come up with, then this article is definitely going to be quite useful for you! So, here are 10 colorful and incredible bird coops ideas.

Homey Bird Coop

This bird coop does not need you to enter it to feed the birds. As shown, there is a protruding part of the house by the side. This part can be opened up so that you can pour the bird feed and some water. This will let you feed the birds with no chance of the birds getting out of the coop.

Open Coop

This coop is not completely made up of closed material. It is half wooden and half fenced. This means that the birds get to sleep and move around in the same are. This coop also allows a person to go in, whether it is to feed the birds or collect eggs.

Simple Bird Coop

This coop is a bird house with a fence by the side. The house is outside the fence to make it easy to place food and collect eggs. It is quite a simple coop.

Laying Coop

This coop is small and meant for the laying of eggs only. If you are alright with the birds walking around the place, then you can use this coop just for the birds to lay eggs. You can make the inside warm and comfy so that it is pleasing for the birds.

Sunny Bird Coop

This coop is colorful and looks friendly for your yard. You can plant some flowers around it as well. This coop also has a place for easy feed and collecting of eggs.

Open Space Bird Coop

This coop is more fence than wood. This is a good idea if the birds walk around more than they need the wooden area. This will provide some freedom for the birds. You can build it in an area where there are trees so that when the heat is too much, the trees provide cooling shade for the birds.

Hay in Bird Coop

This coop is also big enough for a human to walk in to tend to the birds. It is nice and spacey for the birds as well. The hay on the ground makes the coop more comfortable for the birds.

White Bird Coop

You can choose to paint the coop to match the surrounding in your yard. This makes it not stand out. If you want a coop that suits its environment, then this is the one for you. Paint it with a color that is closest to that of your wall.

Height Bird Coop

This coop also provides more space for the birds as well. Because it has more space both on the ground and height wise you can keep in it birds that can fly.

Bird Coop

If you have few birds, then this coop is perfect. It is small by provides enough space for a few birds.

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