10 Inexpensive DIY Ideas For Creative Bathrooms

10 Inexpensive DIY Ideas For Creative Bathrooms 10

10 Inexpensive DIY Ideas For Creative Bathrooms 10

If your bathrooms look different from other bathrooms and more creative than them, then it will not only help you to feel better but also will allow you ask your guests to use your bathrooms without any hesitation. Everyone knows how to keep their bathrooms clean and smell free, but making them creative without spending huge amount of money is not everyone’s cup of tea. The ideas listed below are not only creative and simple to apply but also are inexpensive. If they are done exactly in the same way they are supposed to be done then undoubtedly they will give you unexpected results.

If your bathrooms are not very big then you can utilize small space by making different drawers for keeping things like laundry bags, detergents etc.

Attach few pieces of wood in order to give them the shape of a box. Use this box to keep towels and handkerchiefs.

Stick long sticks in a zig zag way to make boxes out of them. Now hang these boxes on walls and use them for keeping towels.

Readymade wooden boxes which you once used to keep things in, are lying as waste In your house. No need to throw them away, just paint them and use them as racks to keep toiletries.

Keep a multifunctional cupboard In your bathroom, ask the carpenter to design it in such a way that it is used for keeping every possible thing used in toilets such as towels, toilet paper rolls, soaps, cosmetics etc.

Hang ply boxes on your bathroom walls and then use them for keeping cosmetics used after taking bath, such as perfumes and creams.

You can use empty lying boxes for keeping other things used in washrooms such as body washes, hand washes etc. On top of these boxes you can place flower vase, to give it a better look.

Make a ladder looking like thing out of different shapes of wood plates. Use every step for keeping different things like towels at bottom, cosmetics little higher and a flower pot on top.

If you want to give your bathroom a royal look then you can use wood for everything where you need to keep your things in bathrooms. For making shelves, racks, drawers, sitting stool, mirror stand etc. wood can be used.

Make some changes in the dimensions of a regular vertical shelves cupboard and give it a shape of ladder. Use it now for keeping things, this would help you to keep more things in your bathrooms without consuming much of your space.

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