10 Simple DIY Ideas Worth it For The Festive

10 Simple DIY Ideas Worth it For The Festive 4

10 Simple DIY Ideas Worth it For The Festive 4

Christmas is such a joy filled festivity meant to celebrate the birth of Christ and at the same time bring together or strength families and relationships. Everyone must go all out in Christmas with the décor, the food and the gifts. Here are some DIY ideas that will save you are fortune and let you enjoy January debt free. Thank me later

Who knew a vase could be so handy? Having roses as a décor on Christmas is such a cliché, instead of roses fill up a vase or any transparent jar with salt or sugar as a base and use Christmas decors of your choice.

Candles add a soothing gesture to any decor. Use any color of your choice but whatever you decide it is a must they are scented, so that they don’t seem plain and simple. Place them on a decorated cake holder- NB if children are part of your guest list keep it away from their reach. Let us be cautious shall we!

A DIY that will make Christmas even more memorable for the kids. All you need is different colors of wrapping paper, creative kids and you are good to go. Would it not make a lovely back ground for a family photo?

You do have Christmas lights, don’t you? Put them in a lantern and a few colorful ornaments and voila!

Make your neighbors jealous! Use an old bed sheet wrapped around the door in a T shape, for finishing touches use a ribbon or any Christmas ornaments of your choice

Why I love this DIY because its perfect for any festivity all you have to do is change the ornaments you use. Talk about a money save!

I like to think of it as an in house plant pot ,line colorful plants in it and place it in a dull room to give it life. You could paint it or write on it and let the kids help

Rules are made to be broken! Instead of having a light up garland outside have it inside. Put one on the stair case if you don’t have a stair case then the door frame will do just fine.

Use crystalline jar and put in those pinecones, Christmas balls and any other decoration you feel will fit and be suitable. Again it doesn’t cost you a dime

Here’s to recycling! Those old wine bottle can come in handy and be used as candle sticks. I don’t see a clear vision of colored empty bottles so let’s stick to the translucent and maybe fill the bottles half way with sugar/salt/small stones. Your pick!

We hope these ideas contribute to you and your family having a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Enjoy.

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