10 Useful Ideas! Household items has never been so fun

10 Useful Ideas! Household items has never been so fun 6

10 Useful Ideas! Household items has never been so fun 6

These inventions will cause you smile, but their use – obviously! Designers have tried: they came up with a surprisingly functional and pretty things, and at the same time were able to give them a very funny sight! I have no doubt that if I had met some of these inventions in the store, I immediately wanted to buy that. Well, who would not want to have a cup of home-iron? Watch and marvel bright design ideas. Surround yourself with beautiful things so peculiar to human …

1. Umbrella with a window for review.

2. Brilliant feeder. Waste-free production!

3. Kid with pleasure wash the floor. It is only necessary to put on a special outfit …

4. Corner picture frames will help save space. And it looks great!

5. Belt which will help you to be always in the form of: a useful reminder about the extra inches

6. Thanks for real men

7. Baby cap protects delicate children’s eyes from water and shampoo. Relaxation …

8. Leash with integrated umbrella: no wet hair! Soaked through dog – it’s sad, take care of your pet.

9. I think you need such a bicycle for great picnic

10. Do you need new shower ? and it is free for you  ))


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