11 Great DIY ideas Using Letters

11 Great DIY ideas Using Letters 4

11 Great DIY ideas Using Letters 4

Letters have become something of a big deal in design and this I suspect is mainly because we get that sense of self with them and we can really create something special and make something really personal and intimate we can connect with. It’s not necessarily an indoor decoration It can also be something used outside as a marker or reminder of some sort of event, place or person you want to remember. Below we give you some money saving great DIY ideas using letter, hope you enjoy.

1.This piece made out of wood is beautiful, it’s a DIY made with woos to spell love and can be put out on a patio with some lights for the night time.

2.This chalk board is beautiful to put little notices for the kids. They could make their own letters and have little messages or notes written on it, it can be moved to different rooms too, that’s a plus.

3.This beautiful laundry room has fun letters all on it, I love this look, brings a nice rustic vintage feel to the room. It can also be used in the playroom or pantry, basically any part of the home.

4.This would be great for the kids bathroom or if ever you have any other crossword ideas using their names or pet names or family names, this is totally a great idea for any room.

5.This is a great idea for a piece of art for the bedroom, everyone can jump in and help on it, really creative, using white pvc pipes painted on, it doesn’t necessarily have to be crayon patterns on it, any piece of artwork can be used.

6.Using old shutters you can turn a dull room into a nice space like this here. Bring that vintage and rustic look to it, while still maintaining a sophisticated feel to the place.

7.Print out images you love and use cardboard boxes to spell out any name you want. You can include everyone in the project, the kids would love it

8.Using aged metal can really help you get a nice and elegant look into your home. One might not want to type out full names with these but they are great to make initials too, a classy and cheap option.

9.These are a little heavier than the others and take a little more effort but give a beautiful end product. Simply cut the shapes out like above and pour the concrete in and let it dry and you have a solid long lasting figure.

10.Using the same cardboard material from match boxes, this can be made, it is so very cheap to make it and you can make it into whatever color you might want, a great idea.

11.This can be made with very little cost,  great project which also helps you keep your loved ones in mind. Simply cut out the design, and print on plain paper the picture collage of friends and family for this.

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