12 DIY Christmas Decorations with Nature

4.Christmas Pinecone Star

4.Christmas Pinecone Star

Christmas is that one day that remind me to go to church with my family. I admit that I have been lazy to get up from bed each Sunday but at least I say a little prayer before I leave the bed each morning. Enough with that, the point is; Christmas gets me excited to do the decorations. I will go to my friends’ house and assist in decorations; it is always fun with them.

I don’t just like decorating, I like decorating with the touch of nature. I normally get lost in the arms of nature for its beauty. I like it around me and this is why I feature it in holiday decorations. Here I have few samples of what you can do with nature without taking away the holiday idea from them. They are fancy and cozy, just what you need for this Christmas.

Christmas Santa Wreath

Christmas wreaths come in variety shapes, sizes and colors. Here is a Santa one made out of a belt and pinecones that were dipped in red. It is a pretty accessory for Christmas, you may think of it.

Stringed Pinecones

Take a thread or rope and attach the pinecones with the hint of snow. Align them on top of the fire place or any other place near Christmas ornaments. It is one of the simple projects to do that will cover bigger area and save your house Christmas look.

Woodsy Pinecone Tree

Bring the magical woody feeling into your home. The deer plays a major role in this transformation. I like it, it can teleport anyone to the wonderland.

Christmas Pinecone Star

It is believed that when Jesus was born, a start appeared on the sky. Well, maybe that is why Christmas is associated with stars. Here is one the way to create your own star and make Christmas real to you. Perfectly settles on the wall.

Simple Pinecone Tree

Collect lots of the pine cones and attach them on the pedestal. It is that simple. Enjoy the rustic feel of nature in 6 simple steps done less than 30 minutes.

Felt & Pine Cone Elves

Decorating is fun to do together with friends and family. This is one of the projects you can do with your kids and benefit them with creativity while you benefit more bonding time and make memories.

Snowy Pinecone Candle Jars

Say hello to the white Christmas. It is a gorgeous winter luminaries which can work for any other time even after Christmas dates have passed by. Cozy winter? There you go.

Pinecone Christmas Tree

Pine cone are good decors for Christmas, they are perfect for an ideal Christmas tree to portray the nature. The little stars on top and a silver matching vase pops everything wonderfully.

Snowman Milk Jugs

If you drink liters of milk like me here, then you could have an army of snowmen jugs like these. They are cute and amazing. They don’t cost that much, most of the things will be in your DIY kit.

Pallet Christmas Tree

If you have a pallet in your store and you don’t know what to do with it; there is a Christmas tree to do. You only have to cut it into one huge triangle shape which corresponds to the Christmas tree.

Christmas Tree Napkins

What a “wow”, that’s a statement you should hear from your guests. Learn simple folds, practice them and finally accessorize your dining table with these super cute Christmas tree folded napkins.

Christmas Advent Calendar

Calendar is a brilliant idea to consider if you want to hyper your family during holidays. Make them count the days eagerly and make the countdown more fun. This will help you too in managing and doing all the plans in time. Snowflakes at the center and enjoy this DIY Clock Christmas Advent Calendar and décor this December.

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