12 DIY Ideas For a Tidy Chef

7.Chalkboard Pantry Doors

7.Chalkboard Pantry Doors

I remember back in the days when I used to live in a tiny house, everything was disorganized. You organize on Sunday by Wednesdays everything looks like pop corns. I had to be brave, brain storm of ways I could maximize space because it was just stressful.

I will share few hacks on a space saving for your kitchen in particular. However small your kitchen is I still have a hope that these ideas will be helpful in utilizing the little space you have together with little shelves ideas. Save time rearranging your kitchen every time, maintain a clean and pleasant kitchen.

Maximize Working Space

We all need a free counter to work faster and effectively. Meet the mighty Manson jars which never disappoint in anything. They play a big role in DIY and here they serve as the storage jars. They are transparent and so they will help you with plain sight when you want to reach for salt, cookies, flour or oatmeal.

Utilize the Corner Space

These are called Lazy Suzan; they can store number of things in your kitchen and make them within your reach. They are perfect for corner spaces. You can now have every corner of your kitchen busy saving a space for you and leaving your kitchen organized.

Hanging Storage

We close and the doors but has it never clicked in your mind that something could be hanged at their back? With this, you can add more space in the kitchen by hanging items. They are safer, cleaner and closer to your reach.

Additional Shelves

In those free spaces inside the cabinet, some shelves can fit in. Add them in and collectively store your stuff. For example, cleaning supplies as in the photo or it can work for spices, baking things or oil.  This should help you to replace back things where you take them from.

Makeshift Islands

Carts on wheels are another kitchen space hack. They are easy to move around effortlessly. There are so many ways to maximize your space, just think beyond the line and ideas will surprise you.

Candy Jars

I sometimes crave sweet things. I would buy a whole bunch of candies, chocolates, bubble gums and randomly store them in the drawer. Thanks to these jars which saved my time of looking for a specific candy for specific craving because of fast identification. It has helped my kids too to be organized and disciplined. These jars work for any item, plays same function.

Chalkboard Pantry Doors

Say goodbye to forgetting what you should buy when going shopping with this chalkboard. We tend to notice everything missing or finishing while we are in the kitchen and trust ourselves to remember them next time we go shopping, sadly it doesn’t always work out that way. Chalkboard will help you remember. Note them down every time you remember and this will make your work easier when making a shopping list.

Cabinet for Chips

No matter how careful you are, sometimes you spill chips on the floor because of poor storage. Meet the clips that will help you improve your storage techniques. Be organized and have an easy grab as simple as it is.

Customized Cubbies

Pantries with installed cubby holes are the way forward. They allow you to store items in a very organized way. You can put trays and baskets on these cubbies and the overview is stylish and classic.

Lazy Susan

In the corners where shelves meet, there a space can be found. Lazy Susan connect with the storage magic, giving you access to everything on a plain sight.  Try them!

Slide out Shelves

Do you struggle to reach the deep sites of your pantry? Maybe a sliding shelf will do. Unlock the hidden spaces of your kitchen and enjoy the time you spend in your kitchen.

TV Cabinet Storage

Let’s multi task the TV cabinet. Just because it carries TV, it doesn’t mean it can’t store other things. Select items that you rarely use or are over stocked to avoid to and fro movements. Otherwise, it is a perfect nook to maximize your kitchen space.

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