14 DIY Exciting Ideas With Magnets

2.DIY with Magnet For Fridge

2.DIY with Magnet For Fridge

Magnets can hold up your decorations without creating any damages to the wall or the decorations. Here are 14 ways you can use magnets in your home.

DIY with magnet

With this idea, you drill in a piece of metal underneath a cabinet. Then you place on the metal some magnets. The jars you use for this idea have to have magnetic material as lids, so to be able to stick to the magnets. This is a great idea for your kitchen! You can decide to store different colored spices in the see through jar, to bring some color into your kitchen. This is also a great way of creating space in your cabinets.

Most times people use magnets as help to stick things such as reminders on their refrigerators. With idea, you do the same, except instead of reminders, you stick magnetic jars to the side of your fridge. Not only does this help with creating space in your cabinet, but, it is also creative and fun!

I tend to misplace my keys every now and then. Then I found this idea and it helps keep your keys in one place. You can put a magnet on a shelf, or a switch near your door, so to stick your keys there as you enter your home and not forget to collect as you exit. Simple as that!

This is such a great idea! You get to stick a plant to a piece of metal on your wall. With this idea, you need to make sure that the pot in which your plant is in is made from a wine cork, because it is light material and will not be too heavy for the magnet. This is one way of bringing nature into your home.

This is a creative and fun way to stick those reminders and notes to your fridge. Your kids will love this idea!

This idea involves sticking a magnet to a container , this will enable you to keep your containers to the fridge. This also creates space and makes the content in the container easy to access.

You can also keep your dish towel on your fridge. Sew a little pouch on the corner of the towel, and then place the magnet in there. Simple as that! With this idea, your towels will be easy to access.

There are some small things that easily get misplaced in the home. Objects such as hair clips and nail cutters can easy be kept in one secure place by a magnet. You have to stick a magnet to the inside of a drawer, and then you stick the little metallic pieces on the magnet. With this idea, you can be guaranteed that those little and easy to lose objects can be safely kept.

This idea is great for the kids! You stick magnets to blocks. On the blocks, you can decide what to put there, for example, letter of the alphabet, numbers or even colors. This is a great way to teach children and have fun with it!

This idea helps to keep space inside your fridge. All you have to do is stick little pieces of metal inside your fridge. Then, place magnets on them. With this idea, you can easily stick jars or bottles with magnetic lids in your fridge. This will help put order and create space in your fridge.

This idea involves a framed piece of metal. The metal can be of any size. On this metal, you can keep things such as make up on it, so that instead of a clutter, the make-up will be in order and in one place. Stick a magnet to each of the objects and stick them to the metal.

You can add a little more glam to the magnets you use to stick things to your fridge. You can easily spray paint the magnetic letter into any color of your choice. Is idea is both easy and not expensive.

This is a fun way of making a o do list. You can stick your list to a piece of metal with magnets. This ideas is great to use for kids and adult as well.

For this idea, you need a piece of metal drilled or stuck the lower part of a wall. Then, on this piece of metal, you can sick educational material for your kids with the use of magnets. You can stick on the metal letters, colors or even numbers. This will be a fun way for your kids to learn!

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