15 Amazing DIYs for Halloween Decor

10. Trash Bag Spiders

10. Trash Bag Spiders

I enjoy decorating my house for Halloween. I especially enjoy the process of making the Halloween decorations! I like to get creative and let my artsy side out. I like using different objects and materials to make the decorations. I consider it quite fun and easy to do. Here are some Halloween decorations DIYs for you to try.

Trash Bag Spider Web

This DIY is quite creative. All you need to do it fold a piece of the trash bag in a triangular shape many times, and then cut out some pieces until it resembles a fish bone. When you un-wrap the piece of the bag, it will look like a spider web. The best part about these spider webs is that you can re-use them the next Halloween as well.

Balloon Shaped Cobwebs

For this, you will need to stick and wrap some white string all around some blown up balloons. When the strings and glue dry up, you can pop the balloons and the string will remain shaped as the balloons.  You can then place these in corners or up in trees and place some fake spiders on then.

DIY Halloween Bats

A great way to make bats for your Halloween decoration is cutting them out from Manila paper. You can choose to use paper that is already black in color, or, you can choose to paint over the original color of the paper with some black paint. Add some eyes to the cut out bats and attach some strings to the bats and hang the bats upside down.

Popsicle Stick Haunted House

This DIY involves sticking together some Popsicle sticks together to build a small house. After building the small house, you can paint it over with some creepy and dull colors. Then, add in features like cut out witches and pumpkins to make it look scary.

Flying Bats

These bats can easily be made to look as though they are flying. You can do this by sticking the cut out bats to a plain and bright colored wall. You can bend the wings of the bats so to make it more realistic.

Bottle Ghosts

These ghosts are quite easy to make. For this, you will need some clear plastic bottles, golf balls or and small balls, and light white cloth or material. All you have to do is to place the ball to the mouths of the plastic bottles. Then, you will have to cover the bottle and ball with the material. It is as simple as that.

Spiders in Line

Some people are creeped out by spiders. So, using spiders are a great Halloween decoration. You can stick the fake spiders on a wall or on doors in a line so that it will look like the spiders are walking one after the other in a line.

Spooky Brownies

Getting into the Halloween spirit is quite easy for me because I absolutely Halloween. One of the ways I show my Halloween spirit is by baking these brownies. I then decorate the brownies to look interesting and spooky. You can decorate the brownies with white marshmallows and white chocolate.

Paper Plates 3D Spiders

For this you can cut out the spiders from ordinary paper. Then, you place the cut outs on paper plats so that the spider legs bend where the paper plates curve. After the spider legs have adjusted to the bends, you can then spray paint the spiders. You can then stick the spiders by their legs so to bring out the 3D effect.

Trash Bag Spiders

These spiders are very easy to make. First you will need to stuff trash bags with some newspapers. Then, cut out some strips of another trash bag to make the 8 legs for your spider. Lastly, you tie the strips of the legs to the stuffed bag so to divide the bag into the head and the body. You can then stick the spiders to your wall.

Scary Light Shades

These light shades are made out of plastic cups. You can then draw some scary faces on to the cups and place the cups around some of your small lights. When the lights are turned on, the faces will definitely become defined.

Creepy Little Faces

For these little faces, you can use egg crates. Paint the egg crates with black paint and cut the crate to make smaller individual faces. You can then stick some googly eyes to complete the faces. You can hang these to your lights or anywhere you find alright.

Glow in the dark Pumpkins

This is an absolutely creative way to decorate your Halloween pumpkins. You will need to use glow in the dark paint for this. Paint some artsy and creative faces onto the pumpkins so that they can glow in the creepy way when it becomes dark.

Pumpkins carved with a Drill

This is the fastest way to carve your Halloween pumpkin. You can carve the pumpkins with any patterns that you please. The more create your patterns the better. When you place some lights into your candles, the patterns will become easily visible.

Glow in the Dark Scary Eyes

To make these scary eyes, you will need some tissue paper rolls and some glow in the dark sticks. Cut out eye shapes on the rolls, and then stick the glow in the dark sticks inside the roll. This is all there is to it.

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