15 Awesome Ideas for Valentine’s Day decorations

4. XOXO Wreath for Valentine’s Day Decorations

4. XOXO Wreath for Valentine’s Day Decorations

To me, decorations are an important part of show casing and celebrating something. This is why I absolutely love to find any reason to put up some decorations. This time around, it is putting up some decorations for Valentine’s Day. Believe it or not, but Valentine’s Day also needs to be celebrated by the use of some decorations. Here are some incredible DIY ideas for you to try out for you Valentine’s Day decorations. These ideas are quite creative and easy to make.

DIY Paper Heart Chandelier

This chandelier is made out of some heart shape cut outs. The hearts are stuck to a string, then the string to a ring. The ring is then hanged up, to make the beautiful heart chandelier. The paper you use for the heart must be pink, red or white, because these are the colors that are usually associated with Valentine’s Day. This chandelier can be hung both indoors and outdoors.

Photograph Board

You can make this decoration by sticking some photograph of both you and your valentine on a board of any kind. You can choose to stick them there in a random pattern or a specific pattern of your choice. To make this board even better, you can make sure that the photographs you use are of the same color theme, for example black and white. On the board, together with the photographs, you can also place some hand drawings and paintings.

Wording Board

This decorating idea is quite easy to do. Al you need to do is to use a natural colored wooden board and some paint. On the board, you can write a word that is easily associated with Valentine’s Day. You can write on the board some words such as; LOVE, HUGS or even CARE. You can use any color to do the writing, just as long as the color of the board does not over shadow the color of the word.

XOXO Wreath for Valentine’s Day Decorations

You can choose to use any material to make this wreath. You can use some dry vines, paper or even some cloth. On the wreath, you can then stick some Xs and Os. Make sure that the letters are artsy and very creative. This will definitely change the look of the whole wreath. Make sure that the color of the material you use to make the wreath and the colors you used of the letters match and blend in well.

Tree of Hearts

I absolutely love this idea because it helps bring some light and color where ever the decoration is placed. To make this, you will need to use some dry branches and some paper hearts. Place the dry branches into a vase so that they resemble a tree. Then, you can place and hang the paper hearts onto this tree. You can add some lights just to brighten the whole tree.

Heart Garland

Garlands are a major part of decorations most times. Not only are thy easy to make, they also can be hang anywhere really. These garlands can be made from some strips of paper. Make sure that the colors of the papers that you will use are those mainly associated with Valentine’s Day.


These decorations are really beautiful and easy to make. You will basically have to cut out the I LOVE YOU lettering from some manila paper. If the paper you are to use is short and will not fit the whole phrase, you can cut out the LOVE as the heart shape. This will still look as creative as the original. You can paint and color these decorations just as well.

Lettering Décor

Using big letters as decoration is an amazing idea. If you do it right, the letters will be big enough to serve as the main decoration in a certain area. Make sure that the colors you use for the letters are not only those related to valentine’s day, but also that they blend in well with the back ground against which they are place. The letters must spell out a word that is associated with Valentine’s Day.

Ombre Valentine’s Tree

You can easily make these Ombre valentine’s trees by sticking some paper cut out hearts to a cone. The size of the tree will depend on the size of the cone that you will use and will also depend on the size of hearts you will stick to the cone. The cone you use can simply be made from some manila paper and so can the hearts. You can place a bigger heart at the top of the tree as the finishing touch.

Flowers for Valentine’s Day Decorations

It is very hard to get it wrong when you use flowers for Valentine’s Day decorations. You can choose to use some real flowers, or, make some papers out of cloth and papers. With the flowers, you can make some wreaths or simply stick the flowers together on a piece of string and hang the string anywhere really.

Message Boards for Valentine’s Day Decorations

Message boards are one of my favorite Valentine’s Day decorations. They are simple but absolutely friendly and lovely. On a simple board, you can use a marker or a piece of chalk to write a short but sweet message for your valentine. You ca then place the message somewhere where your valentine will be able to easily see it multiple times during the day.

DIY Candles for Décor

Candles can help with creating the romantic feels and mood. So, for your Valentine’s Day decoration, you can simply use some candles. You can choose to use scented candles or simply and plain candles, either ways, they work perfectly. The catch to using candles as decorations is that you have to be careful not to start a fire that will burn the surrounding objects.

Monument Décor

This decoration involves using a small space to build a monument of some sort. For the monument, you can place some flowers, candles, use lettering and some photographs. You can use some photographs to show some of you favorite pictures of you and your valentine. You can simply look at the monument and reflect on the past.

Paper Decorations

Your Valentine’s Day decorations can purely be made from paper. From paper hearts, to paper lettering. It will still look amazing! Make sure to use some valentine’s friendly colors for the paper.

Valentine’s Color Theme Décor

You can choose to turn most of the objects in the room into those made of the Valentine’s Day colors. For example, you could use some white candles, pink lamp shades and ad some red roses to add a pop to the decorations.

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