15 Cheap and Easy Christmas DIY Decoration Ideas

15 Cheap and Easy Christmas DIY Decoration Ideas 3

15 Cheap and Easy Christmas DIY Decoration Ideas 3

The need of decorating things automatically comes to our minds when we think of Christmas. There are many ways to decorate our houses and offices. Few ways are expensive and time saving but on the other hand the ones which are cheap and inexpensive, they are time consuming. If you experienced this same problem then no need to worry anymore because we have a solution this problem faced by mostly all of us. The ideas for decorating your place we are going to give here are not only inexpensive but also time saving, on top of all these ideas of decorating are simple, so you don’t have to work too hard to make them.

Wrap empty paper boxes with white chart paper, then tie red ribbons around them and lastly hang them down from your ceiling.

Use small pieces of twigs from trees to make small Christmas trees. When you are done, paint them with different colors.

Make a small paper bag looking like thing using the front hard covers of your diaries which are not in use now, put different colored ribbons around them and then hang it on your wall.

Make a soft ball out of clothes which are not in use anymore, tie a knot over it with different colored cloth. Now this handmade ornament is ready to be hanged on one of your walls.

For this you need old comics which were read by your kids when they were young. Cut these comics into small scraps and then bond them together using thread or stapler pins. Now hang them on your walls.

Make an artificial muffin out of paper and plastic. Hand this down your Christmas tree.

Take two different colored straps of cloth of same size, sew them together. You can make pairs of as many straps as you want. Then allow these straps to hang down your Christmas tree.

Collect round shaped small pieces of logs and stick them together in the shape of triangle in order to give it a look of Christmas tree. Decorate it with ribbons and buttons.

Make different patterns from small round shaped logs and hang them around beer bottles using different colored ribbons.

Put different hand written message in a transparent round glass flask. Tie a knot on top of it using red ribbon and hang it on your wall or Christmas tree. It would look better both ways.

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