15 Cozy Farmhouse DIY Decor Ideas

3.Arrow Art With Paint Markers

3.Arrow Art With Paint Markers

Personally, I cannot get enough of farmhouse look. It pushed me to learn new ideas and what is I discovered is most of them are really Do it yourself ideas that you can cheaply make at home.

There is no method to it, just start hanging.

I have never been a minimalist. I don’t do empty spaces. I had a big empty space on my kitchen wall.   I’ll never use it as a chalkboard. Farmhouse kitchen gives excuse to treat myself.

Traditionally a Native American symbol, arrows can actually have several meaning. Because an arrow was used to protect one’s family and to hunt, it was a tool of saving and enriching life. Can also symbolize movement or direction. Also can symbolize strength, friendship or decoration as in my case here. Only need an artmind plaque or DIY plaque, white paint marker, ruler, pencil and arrow to copy.

Cedar boards? Oh yeah. It’s disclaimer time; I love weathered cedar. The old rustic look it has and silvery gray coloring old splinters and random graining. So I took few random sized pieces and after staring at them for about 5 minutes, I had a thought. Maybe make a simple wooden crate/centerpiece. Filled with clear jars holding a single bloom of last week’s stock perfect for a table centerpiece or maybe set in a fireplace or on a mantel.

Do you need a full framed mirror? Wooden one I will recommend for a farmhouse interior. It is inexpensive. You can attach to your bathroom door or wardrobe and be a perfect addition and great motivation to dressing up.

This is not far from the previous DIY idea. Difference is the size of the mirror and where it is placed. Perfect for a rustic decorated bathroom and the size makes a statement.

You think the old woods are useless? See what they can do. Attach memories of your beloved ones. The beauty it traps with these photos is unexplainable.

Two years ago I see this décor in a hotel I booked for my vacation in Africa.  I would spend too much time in the bathroom cause of this design. Wouldn’t stop admiring it together with all other decors which made so comfortable in there. Then I thought, why can’t I install the same in my house? I did it and I’m glad my husband loved it as well.

Farmhouse decor of a tray where you can place flower jars, books and anything else you wish, anywhere in your home.

There is undefined warmth and power to how you welcome your guests. You don’t have to always speak, sometimes written words speak better. You don’t need money for that, just a little effort and a DIY idea will do. You can choose a farmhouse design and make something like this at your entrance door.

Wanna have a fresh air out but sticking to you rustic décor? See this. A white rough paint on the bench, blanket matching with the jars’ décor around is simple yet stylish.

Or a wooden chair, cup of coffee and a little blanket to keep you warm with a dried grass wreath.

Again, this beautiful. You can buy this or learn how to hand make it. Place it on your open shelf to be seen because you won’t want to hide this beautiful basket. It can also be in your kitchen and store fruits in it as well.

Mugs nailed on the wood and attached to the wall. Top mug carrying a décor purpose while the rest two organizing purpose. Amazing! Very east and costs less.

It is not used for climbing to the roof. I gave it such name because it was designed with ladder idea in mind. It is specifically for storage. It adds more room to store more things. You can put it in your bedroom or kitchen and get rid of disorganized stuffs.

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