15 DIY Indoor Herb Ideas

15 DIY Indoor Herb Ideas 14

15 DIY Indoor Herb Ideas 14

In an attempt to be more healthy most of us are going organic nowadays and the best way is to grow our own vegetables. Growing your herbs indoor does not have to dull and unattractive. Here are some DIY indoor herb space ideas. Enjoy

1.Create your own vertical herb hanger in the house which looks neat and symmetrical. It also looks appealing to the eye.

2.Yes those old clothespins are not going to the bin, you have finally found another use for them to make cute pots for your herbs.

3.Use different colored pots since its summer and you want them to pop.

4.Very convenient for you as you can just pick out your herbs as your cook because they are within reach.

5.This is cute and earthy. Have it at the back of your kitchen so you can be able to monitor and water properly.

6.This cute fairy house will give you a 100 reasons to decorate with your herbs pot.

7.This can be a central piece for your kitchen and is really eye catching and convenient for you when cooking.

8.The herb garden gives you a foresty and antique look to your home. It is a winner.

9.We all know that black everything is sophisticated and classy. This personalizes your home ad makes it more you.

10.Reuse your old mugs and have your herbs hanging in this manner. You can choose your cups wisely in terms of color because they can contribute greatly to your décor.

11.The vertical mason jars give out a simple yet clean and coordinated look to the décor of your home

12.Even old bottle have a way of being useful in your home. Cut them up and let them house your herbs.

13.My personal favorite. Using steel kettles to create your herb garden. It is so modern and really does bring a great look to your décor. I highly recommend this one.

14.Another idea for your mason jars. Have them in a mini steel basket together as they grow your herbs. You can put this on your kitchen window so they can also be exposed to sunshine for growth.

15.Let your plumber not to dispose those old gutters just yet. Have them repainted and grow your herbs on them. This is really stylish and modern. Another personal favorite.

There you go, enjy your summer and cooking with your home grown herbs.

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