15 Easy and Clever Garden Projects Anyone Can Make

1G. DIY Garden Projects Anyone Can Make - Photo 12

1G. DIY Garden Projects Anyone Can Make – Photo 12

The inside of the home is quite important but now let’s not leave out the most important part of a home’s outdoor area – the garden and backyard!  Thinking of and then making DIY projects for the outdoors can be a daunting task that anyone might want to normally abstain from. When I think of any augmentation to a garden that I might want to do, I immediately recall a popular comedy film in which the “Knights of Niih” demand that others are to bring a shrubbery at once or there will be dire consequences. This recollection discourages me even more so to avoid a garden project. Well, it’s just an light-hearted anecdotal quip to get you cheerful about starting one of our very nice and easy-to-do DIY projects in this concise list. We can tell you about easy ideas from raised plant beds, repurposing a palette to a hanging love-seat swing. So never-mind all the hub-bub and let’s get started with adding more beauty, utility and purpose to your garden space.

Raised Boxes & Beds: Use discarded wooden crates, trunks or make your own boxes to raise the standard of making a cute garden out of small plants.

How To Build & Install Boxes & Beds: Get your wood supply, tools and refreshments and follow this instructional guide to have a perfect raised, irrigated and boxed garden.

Bench Surrounding Tree: Build or slap together several benches in a hexagonal configuration around a tree to get a convenient seat in the shade.

Burlap Birdcages: Make beautiful naturally looking birdcages from burlap twine, some twigs and faux leaves.

Coffee Cup Candles: Have too many coffee cups or mugs? Use them as incense holders by warming whole coffee beans with small candles.

Hide the Air Conditioner: Adorn or tuck away the A/C unit behind a beautiful picket fence.

DIY Bird Bath: Just fasten a pot or bowl on the top of a large urn, spray paint them with your favorite color and bam!…you will have a nice birdbath.

Hanging Wooden Palette: Paint a discarded wooden palette and hang anything or everything from it.

Rainbow Bench: Wouldn’t you want to combine the good looks of piano keys with various bright colors. Sure, so go ahead and do this to a wooden bench.

Basket Chandelier: Get any simple wire basket, paint it your favorite color – black works nicely – put candles in it and drape crystals from it.

Mini Stones Pathway: Place many small square stones down on a graveled path to make this cute walkway. Everyone will want to play “hop scotch.”

Plastic Jug Dirt Savers:  Put empty, sealed plastic jugs into large planter-pots to fill the space, save soil and let you carry the pots more easily.

Mini Brick Box Greenhouse:  Build this DIY mini greenhouse out of discarded bricks to let your precious special plants grow healthy and faster.

Wooden Swing: Hang a colorful swing bench from a large tree-branch for relaxing place to sit.

Embedded Table Plants: Take any thick wooden patio table, cut out a column in its middle and plant your favorite shrubbery. Or I again shall say “niih! niih!”

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