15 Glorious DIY Tricks For Your Home

5 Sock board

5 Sock board

DIY tricks are great for upgrading your home while saving costs. Most of the things you’ll need to redecorate are already in your home, all you need is a bit of time and effort and you will have something new to add into the space in your home. We have put together 15 glorious DIY tricks for your home.

Storage box shelves

Gather boxes of a similar kind in various shapes, glue them together and hook them to the wall in a pattern of your choice. For added storage space some boxes can have hooks underneath them to hang a few light things.

Door decor

Doors are usually the most neglected piece of furniture in the house hold. Give a bit of attention to yours with this easy DIY door bling.

Shelves on a ladder

Storage space will always be an issue so why not use everything you can to create something new. For example that ladder that has been unused in your garage for the longest time now.

Sock board

Socks are cute but they have a tendency to go missing. Our easy DIY solution? A sock board, to pin up your socks and make it easier to late them when one goes missing.

Using pallets for wall shelf

Pallets are awesome for DIY projects. Even better when they give off a rustic feel. This DIY trick shows you how to get that same feel for your new shelves.

Rope cursive

This DIY trick is fantastic, all you need is a word written in cursive, some rope and glue!

Seashells in a jar

Mason jars are a great multi-purpose DIY item. In this case we have something pleasing for the eyes to look at, seashells in a jar.

Cozy sofa table

There is a lot of space that goes to waste behind sofas, this DIY idea is great for economizing that space and adding to your home decor

Mason storage jars

Mini Mason jars are great for storage and you can also make them look pretty by adding bling to the lids for a fancier look.

DIY Kitchen trays

Use old picture frames to make a kitchen tray.

Tilting trash wooden box

This will make your life easier with disposing trash, totally worth investing the time into this DIY trick

Tin can utensil organizer

Collect tin cans that can be glued together on a board, repainted and used to organize your kitchen utensils

Cover furniture with images

This DIY idea shows you how to transfer images onto furniture for a unique look that you can brag about.

Under the weather woods

Have you always wondered how to get that weathered look onto your wooden furniture? Fear not. This easy DIY trick is here to rescue you.

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