15 Ways to Recycle the Light Bulbs

11.DIY Light Bulb Snowman

11.DIY Light Bulb Snowman

The other day my light bulb got burnt. As I was removing it from the base, I just caught myself staring at it, at the shape of the shards, its transparency and I saw beauty of it. So many ideas ran through my mind, so many possible ways of crafting and from that moment I knew that my next DIY project will be working with the light bulbs. Yes, light bulbs are meant to brighten our world but seeing more other ways to use them for is a great art work by itself. I started a mission of collecting as many bulbs as I could. I was weird enough to wish all bulbs to get burnt so I could use them without guilty conscious. I worked on few ideas which I am going to share with you today but also compiled other ideas I found online. I hope you like them.

Mini Green Miniature

Add some green in your house with this simple miniature. It is undeniably cute and affordable décor for your table. It is far from being expensive, just plants, old bulb and a coil stand which you can adjust it yourself into a shape and position you want.

Light Bulb Flower Vase

What else is beautiful than a transparent flower vase? You get to see every single petal being suspended in a special fluid that gives it longer vibrancy and admire all beauty of the bloom.

Hot Air Balloons

Three years ago, I visited Serengeti Park in Tanzania and one evening of our stay, we used the hot air balloon to get the high view of the park. No words can explain how beautiful the sunset could dwell on the flock of animals, songs of birds and calming sound flow of the river nearby. I can’t get enough of it and this is why I thought of light bulb hot air balloon project (You may add color to them). They always remind me of Serengeti Park.

Light Bulb Heart

Ever wonder if non living things have they own type of heart? Hahahha, it’s insane I know. But hey, let’s just assume they do. Use a wire to structure a heart shape and insert it. Make it one or two, however you like. This can also a friendship or relationship symbolic gift that’s home made.

Winter Decor with Light Bulb

You need a cozy home to ease the winter feeling and lightening the mood. These ornaments will help you do that. Hang them on your Christmas tree and rock that holiday season without too much expense.

Painted Light Bulb

Light Bulbs can be painted too. You can display them as a décor and that’s how the natural light will shine on them or you can put them back on the socket and light them up. They reflect with vertical lines amazingly when turned on in a dark room.

Light Bulb Aquarium

Aquariums come in different shapes and sizes. They are no longer just rectangular glass boxes with water and fish. Here is a fish tank from a light bulb with tiny tree branches hanging from the top. It is an interesting decor piece not just for home but also for the office.

Christmas Ornaments

Instead of Christmas Ornaments which are expensive, why not buying the materials and make yours at home? All you need a bulb, some paints and cloth which I can assume you already have as a DIY lover. So skip the shopping part and get started.

Father Christmas Ornament

This is fun to do and you can involve your kids to take part in this project. It will give you a bonus of some extra bonding activity. It is simple and takes only 20 minutes.

DIY Light Bulb Snowman

Light Bulb has a perfect shape for snowman already. All you need to do is paint it in white, add black dots for his eyes, smile and shirt buttons. Then paint red for his nose. Finally, wrap the scuff around him and glue the gloves on him. Ready.

Cartoon Ornament

You can collect number of bulbs and turn them into your favorite cartoon characters. You need good drawing and painting skills however these are not so difficult to draw or you may decide to go creative and make your own image.

Light Bulb Centerpiece

This is a vintage sugar mold that the bulbs are inserted in. They are lightened by the battery. Make sure the battery and bulb voltage are the same. You can place this on your dinner table and enjoy the cozy feeling of it.

DIY Hour Glass Clock

Take me back to 150 BC when hourglasses were popular. Presence of modern clocks hasn’t fully overthrown the hourglasses. They are still used today and they are interesting to look at. Just letting you know that you can make your own using light bulb.

Light Bulb Moon

Nature has its own amazing beauty. They are unique may be because they are not manmade. But we can make an idle of them. Just like this light bulb moon, it looks real except for the size.

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