16 Of the Best Multipurpose DIY Ideas

16 Of the Best Multipurpose DIY ideas 12

16 Of the Best Multipurpose DIY ideas 12

We are usually faced with problem of having one really good DIY idea for our home but we usually find ourselves wishing that it could serve as more than just that one purpose. A great single purpose piece leaves you feeling like you need to make another one to do another duty and this goes on. Well on this post we have made things simple for you, we bring you a few of the best double purpose DIY ideas that you could use in your home and bring a totally new and amazing look while still keeping them functional to your needs, enjoy !

Image 1

This is a great rustic look for any kitchen and it serves more than one purpose, you could place stuff on it or hang stuff too, great for small kitchens with little space.

Image 2

This is a pegboard that has been repurposed to accommodate all your pots and pans, and what’s even more great is that it actually still looks good as a decorative measure.

Image 3

For those with small spaces, you could have your divider and mirror all in one, this is a really brilliant idea.

Image 4

Your router could be a sore sight when looking at it just sitting there. This old vintage looking book cover could be used to hide it and have a small item placed on top of it too(like the example above)

Image 5

This repurposed window pane was turned into a beautiful looking photo frame.(for those who wish to keep and maintain the rustic look in their home they can take it as it is, or you could sand paper it nicely and repaint it and it will still look great)

Image 6

These ottomans can also be used as filing cabinets for those of us who have lots of paperwork that needs filing. A GREAT idea, looks very elegant and serves both purposes beautifully.

Image 7

The armoire  shown above also serves as a work station and when you don’t want to work you close it up and I don’t have to keep looking at the work load. A brilliant idea that would be great in any home.

Image 8

I absolutely love this idea, this is a crafts and arts table for your home, but when you’re done with work it easily folds away and makes for a good piece of wall art. A great idea for those who have small spaces and still want to work.

Image 9

This toilet paper holder which doubles as a shelf for anything you might be holding while you are there, small but brilliant.

Image 10

This is a very great table for those of us who have kids, you can store all their play things and paintings and other items in here, easy to make and maintains both functionality excellently.

Image 11

This is one creative way for you to stash your pens and some other stationery.

Image 12

This big planter that doubles into a small table great for the outdoors.

Image 13

Make yourself a small box like this which can serve as a flower pot and at the same time write your house number on it.

Image 14

For people with a small space I suggest this wardrobe that doubles as a closet, it looks beautiful and serves both purposes great.

Image 15

An amazing idea for the folding chairs you might have around, they can double as a storage measure when they are not being used.

Image 16

This small stool can also be used as an outdoor table and you can add a little game on top for the family to enjoy.

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