17 Answers To Bathroom Storage Ideas With DIY

13.DIY Bathroom Towel Rack

13.DIY Bathroom Towel Rack

Bathroom just as bedroom is an inevitable room to visit every day. You may avoid kitchen and eat at the restaurant but still, you will need to shower. Someone can draw a conclusion of your personal hygiene by looking at your bathroom appearance. You should not wash your body and clothes in a dirty and disorganized place, bathrooms should always remain dry, clean and organized.

Many complain that the challenge in keeping an organized bathroom is space. Well, I am about to share with you some storage hacks that will assure you enough space in your bathroom. The most important news is you can do these projects yourself, at home with family because they are far from being difficult nor expensive and they are good ideas to bond with your beloved ones and maximize your handy skills.

Wooden Crates Storage

I am sure you’re familiar with these crates; they are among the famous tools in DIY projects. They can do so much when it comes to storage hacks.  Sand and wipe out the dust from them. Then paint your crates in and out with the color of your choice. Secure and join them together considering color alteration. Give them common base which you will attach the casters at the bottom, all four corners to help you moving it freely from place to place.

DIY Manson Jar Bathroom Storage

Manson jars are perfect for bathroom; they can store little things in a good order that gives good appearance. You can buy them at the store, different sizes. Paint them in any color, preferably white because white is neat. After they have dried well, put your things like family toothbrushes, toothpaste, hand washing soap, flowers and the like. It will spice up your bathroom.

DIY Floating Shelves

If you have an empty wall, these floating wall shelves might be the best option since are good looking and much easy to build on than cabinets. The floating idea is attractive. The frames are hidden inside. Paint them in bright color for a classical look and dark color for a vintage look.

DIY Pallet Towel Rack

Towels are better stored at high heights so to avoid floor gems which can reach them from spilling water on the floor or during cleaning if are stored at the bottom. The pallets can help you with that. Get yourself an affordable pallet rack and maximize your bathroom storage.

DIY Toilet Paper Storage

You know that papers come from trees? This is a perfect reference. It is undeniably beautiful and a unique way to store your toilet papers. It keeps them close to your reach and somewhere open enough to alert you when they are about to finish so you don’t run out of them by surprise.

Shelf Shocked

This is not just an ordinary shelf, it is visually attractive. To get a look of old corbels in a shelf is really expensive but these are iron scroll brackets which can bring about same taste corbels. You can find them at Hobby Lobby, cheaper.

Vintage Towel Storage

All you need is reclaimed wood which you will compile the pieces into a rectangle box, leaving it deep enough to accommodate long towels. Then hang it on your wall by a strong rope, cloth or a lather belt on two hooks for better support.

Basket Wall Storage

It is a décor and a storage plan. Sticking to the beige color is what makes this perfect on the wall. You may decide a different color but avoid bright and multicolor things on your wall. Arrange them in a good order and remember to return them in that order every after finishing using them so to maintain the look.

Classical Vintage Storage Idea

Another option for storage idea in your bathroom is wooden trays joined together to create a space for home goods, jewelries, plants and towel storage place. It is classic and a unique piece for your bathroom.

DIY Bathroom Wall Art

It has a classic and functional look. The industrial and farmhouse touch, completes the wall so perfect. Oh yes, and the ‘flush’ sign made out of a wooden plaque and metal letters. Well, I hope everyone will flush after using the toilet.

Bathroom Cabinet

Here is a joint toilet and bathroom which no one can deny that it is neat and inviting. One can even forget that you’re in the washroom for a minute. There is a very big shelf to store all your washroom materials and that behind the toilet is the closet.

Fabulous Bathroom Shelves

This is absolutely creative and mind blowing. It looks fabulous. They seem hanging yet fixed. That’s its magic. I love it. The white and brightness in it too is a fantastic set.

DIY Bathroom Towel Rack

Towels are essential in the bathroom, and so they need a place to be kept well. So many ideas have been said, rack wasn’t mentioned. Here it is, it looks just fine. You may add labels on top of the wooden bar to help you differentiate the towel of the same color with different use.

Stylish DIY Storage for Towels

Of course it is stylish; the way different shades of towels are rolled and aligned by the wall, held by the wooden shelves and prevented from falling by little metal details and everything about it makes it stylish.

DIY Window Boxes for Storage

This painless beauty is worth not more than $40. If you have a small bathroom and you’re looking for ways to maximize the space, these window boxes might help. They are deep enough to hold towels and toilet papers. And since all are identical, the metal number sign makes it easier for you to reach for the right basket.

Bathroom Floor Cabinet

Big or small floor space, it doesn’t matter. This cabinet is slim enough to only use a small portion of your floor but give you more potential of storing bathroom materials somewhere clean, hidden and in a more organized way.

Small Bathroom Hacks

Indeed it is a small bathroom but I hope you can see the hacks and creativity that made it stunning with pleasant look. There are deep shelves on top of the radiator to create more space. The shelves being beside the sink aligns everything into one side avoiding the messy arrangement. Also there is no shower door; instead there is glass which gives the space flow. Brilliant!

I hope these have been helpful DIY ideas. Good luck with space creation in your bathroom, you can do it!

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