17 Best DIY Wall Art Projects

8.Astonishing DIY Wall Art

8.Astonishing DIY Wall Art

Wall Arts add spice to the walls. The walls are lonely when empty but when they are busy and occupied, they don’t cease to attract you and return you back when you are starring at the empty space and get lost in the midst of your thought. That’s where art comes in and calm you down. When admiring its beauty, it adds more drops of joy and brings color into your life again. Wall art gives your guests a reason to compliment how creative and stylish your home is.

Problem is, many think wall arts are expensive. Well, I think creativity is expensive. You won’t find a stunning and unique piece of art sold cheap. That means, creativity is all your need. Any material can look expensive and fancy is used creatively. Let me show you how;

Wood Pattern Art

This art of aligning wood pieces in their different shades is impressing. You can place it on your doorway walls, dining room or bed room. It is gorgeous indeed.

DIY Wall Dеcor

Give a wood feel to your walls with this special art that will grace the walls of your home with so much love. You can make them in different sizes and shapes, colors and heights…. It all looks perfect.

DIY Wall Panels

Collect your decorative panels, paint them in the color that will coordinate well with your décor, let them dry and hang them on your wall. They are good decors for home and offices.

Round Wall Art

You can form your little definition of beach, garden or whatever you love to display in a big and transparent ring against your wall. The fact that it is not a photo but tangible things, adds credit to its beauty.

DIY Wooden Backbone

I am not a doctor but at least I know this looks like my backbone except that it is wooden and of course there are no blood vessels and nerves running across. This art is more cultural, it portrays so many cultural details than you can see.

Spring Wall Art

These are frame prints which go well with the spring season. It confines the nature inside it and speaks beauty. They are printed on a clear acrylic panels then a frame is added to bring the shadowbox effect.

Giant Wall Art

Now this is a statement made. It is one among the rare decors to find at home because it looks a little bit weird but hey, that’s the point. To be different, to stand out.

Astonishing DIY Wall Art

You don’t have to go a painting school to do this. If you love nature, have spray paints and a nice wall frame then let’s do this. It is among simple and non time consuming projects you can find in DIY.

Tree Wall Art

Have you ever seen a tree with sliced branches as leaves? Hahahaha, this is it. Collect pieces of wood in the bush, slice some and the rest use them to construct a tree shape while adding your slices along as leaves. It is amazing.

DIY Moss Wall

If you love green, this project here is for you. This moss wall is guaranteed to remain evergreen. It is a beautiful piece of nature to be displayed in a reception or waiting area. It leaves you feeling refreshed and relaxed.

DIY Wall Sculptures

Share your love for nature without harming it. This project used dead and useless tree limbs. The slices can be from one or different tree species. You may also paint some slices or leave them all in their woody form.

Cool Wall Art

Another simple project is this. Just tape your wall in the designs you want, paint it on using the tapes as your demarcations. Let the wall dry and then peel off the tapes. It’s done.

DIY Abstract Artwork

Here is another wall art that will always come out fabulous. Fill that empty space with a beautiful art that captures eyes. Use the color that matches your color scheme so you don’t end up bringing too many destructive colors in your room.

Statement Making Art

You don’t need a busy picture for your plane wall. You don’t need crazy colors to spice your wall. It is always little things that matter. Of course you don’t want your wall to look lonely but also you won’t want the picture to steal the show so keep it cool like that.

Wooden Mountain Wall Art

You can create such a wall art that reflects the mountains or the Egyptian pyramids. It is simple and looks beautiful. The light from the top completes it, the shadow compliments it.

Shark Wall Art

I personally love water and anything to do with it so I will totally consider this project. It is amazing, it speaks for itself. It goes well for a living room, dining room or bedroom.

Beach Wall Art

Another one! Play with your paints, different shades of blue, a piece of wood and the wind to dry it. It is such a great wall art that will relax your mind from a long day.

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