18 Garden DIY Ideas by Wheelbarrow

13. wheelbarrow for garden

13. wheelbarrow for garden

Wheelbarrows were invented from China in 100AD and got popular around early 200AD. They were designed to help people carrying or transport heavy luggage. As the time pass by, new technology kicked in and wheelbarrows have been kind of replaced by trucks. Yet, people still use them despite their less popularity. They are quite useful. And then I thought, can’t DIY creativity do something with the wheelbarrow? So I started to research what others have done so far. I was amazed and couldn’t help but to share their ideas on my website. Here is the collection of those ideas.

Well, you may have a rustic wheelbarrow already at home or you can actually make one with DIY. Here are simple steps to guide you.

Making of DIY Rustic Wheelbarrow.


One crate and pallet 18” 12-1/2” 9-1/2 large wooden crate 2” 8”  8’ ≠2 Prime KILN dried board Three pressured treated 36” 2”  2” Wood square end Balusters One ½” 48” wood round dowel One box of 8 2-1/2” Phillips square drive flat-head full thread zinc coated multi-material screws. One pack of number 8 1” flat-headed Phillips wood screws. Clamps

Optional Materials are;

Paint or stain and/or polyurethane A paintbrush Latex gloves


Circular saw A jigsaw A drill A ½” drill bit String + an extra nail A standing block Measuring tape or carpenter’s square A pencil Safety goggles


Measure and mark 2” from one of the pressured treated woods which will be used as the legs. Again measure and mark 3¾” piece from ½” from 48” wood round dowel. This piece will be used as the wheel axle. Measure and mark 6’ from the end of the prime dried board. Now put the nail in this spot and tie 3½”string into the nail with the other end tied to a pencil. Draw a circle which will be used to make the wheel.

Cut; use the jigsaw to cut the 7” circle from the board. Use the circular saw to cut the piece for the wheel axle from the wood round dowel and the pieces for the 2 legs from wood square end baluster. Make all the edges smooth using a standing block.

Drill; measure and mark the centers of the remaining wood square end baluster. Using a ½” drill, drill a ½” hole halfway through a baluster at the mark of each of the balusters using a slight 5 degree angle.

To attach the baluster and the wheel to the crate, align one of the balusters over the bottom of the crate. The other end of the balusters should be angled to hit in between the two outermost slats on the other end of the crate. Tighten the baluster to the crate using a 2 ½” screw on each end. Next insert the wheel axle into the drilled hole on the balusters. Slide the wheel into the wheel axle and fix together the wheel axle into the remaining baluster with the wheel lodge securely between the two balusters. Secure them using 2 ½” screws at each end.

Position the two 8” legs vertically and tighten them with ½” screw through the balusters. Turn the wheelbarrow right side up again and fix the legs through the slat at the bottom but inside of the crate using a 1” screw into each leg.

Lastly; you may choose to paint or stain and poly urethane especially if you are indenting to use it outside. Once you have found a perfect spot for your wheelbarrow. Fill it with decorations and let the compliments pour in.

Your wheelbarrow is ready

So, now that you have your wheelbarrow, you can do something with it. Regardless it is made of wood or metal, they will both serve equal purpose. Here are awesome outdoor decors made out of wheelbarrows. They are beautiful for setting summer or fall mood around your home but also they can be mini garden or welcoming note decor by the gates entrance. I remember when my daughter was 5 years old; I gave her a wheelbarrow mini garden and taught her how to take care of a garden from there. Now she is all grown up and takes care of my garden at home, trust me, she is amazing.

Wheelbarrow for summer ideas;

You can fill it with plants and flowers which will automatically brighten and color your home throughout summer.

Wheelbarrow for Autumn/Fall ideas;

Do you want to catch the transitioning moment between summer and winter; and blend with it? This is a cool idea. Pumpkins seem to be perfect to explain fall.

Wheelbarrow for summer ideas;

Wheelbarrow for Garden ideas;

You may love to have a garden but your house doesn’t have enough outdoor space. Don’t be sad yet, a wheelbarrow could help. Check this out.

Wheelbarrow for Autumn/Fall ideas;

Wheelbarrow for home welcoming decor;

Rustic wheelbarrows can help in welcoming gestures too. You can design something in it, accompanied by a welcoming note for your guests. It surely embraces your home with warmth and love.

DIY with wheelbarrow

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