18 Incredible Christmas Gift Ideas For Family Members

16. Drink Jars

16. Drink Jars

When it comes to gift giving, I prefer to give others gifts that I know I worked hard to make or get. This will show so much more of my caring and love toward others. For to do this, I always make sure that even if I buy gifts, I add on a little bit of my creativity and work. If you would like to try this, for this Christmas, here are some excellent ways for you to make and personalize gifts.

Glass jar of Goodies

This is quite a unique way of presenting gifts to your loved ones. If you are giving out something like nail polish, this will be an awesome way to present the polish. All you are to do is place some cotton wool at the bottom of the glass jar then place the polish and everything else related to the polish that you are giving away. When you close the jar, tie on the lid a pretty Christmassy gift.

Pictures in a Jar

If you are planning to give pictures as a gift, then this is a must try for you. For this, you will need to use different sized glass jars or vases. Place the picture inside so that they can be seen clearly from the outside of the jar or vase. Place some little lights inside to illuminate from the pictures.

Picture Wreath

This Christmas wreath does not necessarily have to be a gift. You can present it as a gift to your family by hanging it up in your common room. Frame your pictures and stick or hang them on a loop. The size of the loop will determine how many pictures you can put to make the wreath. It also would be best not to use large pictures because smaller frames will be easier to place around the loop.

Lettering Gifts

You may choose to make some words so to give as a gift. You can cut out Letters from some pieces of wood. You can make simple words with such a powerful meaning such as “LOVE, JOY, and PEACE” or, even the name of the person you are giving. Decorate these letters by wrapping some thread that is nice and colorful.

Pen Holder

This pen holder is unique. You can use a cube or cuboid shaped piece of wood. Drill in these pieces of wood some space enough to place your stationary. Then, on the other sides of the cube or cuboid, you can stick some pictures that you know the receiver will like.

DIY Wood Photo Frame

This is a multi-use photo frame.  It is shaped as a cube or cuboid. Make sure that this cube frame has one open face. This side can be used as a stationary holder as well.

Personalized Candles

This is an incredible way to turn ordinary gift candles into something special. All you have to do a stick a photo on a candle. There is not much work to be done to make these candles. You have to make sure that the picture really sticks well to the candle.

Sock Stuffed Toy

You would be amazed with how many things you can get from a simple pair of socks. This will be a great gift for the children and those who adore stuffed toys. You can decide to make different toys such as bean babies and stuffed animals. Make sure you use socks that have attractive colors.

Creative Cups

These mugs are absolutely amazing! They are simply made by dipping them in a mixture of nail polish which is in water. Pour some nail polish into a container of water, then, make sure that it spreads arounds. Then, dip some plain colored mugs into the water for some seconds then remove t carefully. Place the mugs on a rack to dry.

Nail Varnish Marble Coasters

To make these coasters, you also need to pour some nail polish into a container of water. Make sure that the nail polish spreads so that it is not concentrated. You then dip the part of the coaster that you would like to get painted. Leave these to dry thoroughly before wrapping them.

DIY Sharpie Mug

This is another simple and yet amazing way to decorate some mugs to give as gifts. Cut out a piece of paper in the shape that you would like to put on the mugs. Then stick this piece on the mug. You can then use a sharpie to decorate around the piece of paper. When you remove the paper, the pattern you wanted for the mug will be left out standing.

Shadow Panting

You can make a simple painting to gift as a gift. First, you will need a piece of wood in the shape and size that you would like. Then cut out the picture you want to shadow paint then stick it onto the the piece of wood. Lastly, you will simply have to use any color to paint around the picture. When the paint dries up, you can then remove the picture and voila!

Match Box Surprise

This is by far my very favorite! It involves using match boxes to make up little surprise gifts. The best way to use this as a gift is when you have major and surprising news to give someone this Christmas. It is very creative and absolutely fun.

Marble Mugs

These mugs are also dipped in nail polish water. Only this time, you are to use different shades of the color you want to have on the mugs. This way, when the mugs are dipped, they have different patterns with different colors on them making them look like they are made from marble stone.

Candy Galore

If you were planning to give out candy this Christmas, then you can try this out. You get to arrange the candy in a fun and creative pattern. It really is just that simple.

Drink Jars

These are not necessarily gifts. They can just be given out at any Christmas event you through. It involves putting in a jar a drink that can be used as an alcohol chaser. Then, on the lid of the jar, you can tie with a ribbon a small bottle of alcohol.

Gifts in a Jar

For this, you basically will be using glass jars as wrapping for your gifts instead of using the material that you usually use. This is quite unique and I am sure the receiver will like this.

Gifts in Slippers

This will be perfect if you are planning to give someone a gift card to a spa resort. You can simply place the objects that are related to the spa into a pair of slippers. The great part about this gift is it does not only work with slippers, you can give out something that can hold smaller objects related to it.

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