19 Brilliant ideas for Outdoor Christmas decorations

15. Decorated Paper bag Lanterns

15. Decorated Paper bag Lanterns

For Christmas, most of us enjoy putting our Christmas decorations up. You can put up Christmas decorations anywhere really, whether it is indoors or outdoors. If you usually focus only on your indoor Christmas decorations, this Christmas, why not try out something new and decorate the outdoors just as well. Some may find it difficult to find ways to decorate their outdoors, and if you amongst those some look, no further because here are some fun ideas that you can try out this festive season.

Giant Christmas Lollipops

These are a great way to bring some color to your outdoor decorations. These lollipops are big enough for those looking to notice them and admire them as well. You do not necessarily have to use Christmas colors for this; rather, you can place the giant lollipops onto some fake Christmas gifts.

Plastic cup Ball of Lights

If you are looking for a fantastic way to place some Christmas lights outdoors, then this is an idea you simply must try out. You can hang these balls of lights anywhere you please, whether it is in trees, on your verandah or simply onto your lawn and pathway.

Multi-colored Canes

To make these canes, you do not need to use only Christmas colors. The fact that they are canes will bring in the Christmas look. You can you some nice attractive colors that will have everyone looking and admiring.

Plant Pot holder Christmas Tree

This is quite a simple to make a Christmas tree for your outdoor décor. You simply have to use a plant pot holder which has a Christmas tree look. You can then decorate the holder with some Christmas lights. There is not much to it at all.

Branch Garland Christmas Tree

This is another absolutely easy to make Christmas tree for you to try out. You can join together some green branch garland to make this simple tree. Place the tree in a plant pot and place it where you want it to be. You can use as many garland Christmas trees as you please.

Flower pot Snowman

If you stay in places where there is no snow during Christmas, here is a excellent way that you can make some snowmen. You can add on some other material for the snowmen’s features such as the eyes, nose and mouth.

Holiday Gift Box Concrete Block Craft

I really like this idea of making decorating gift boxes from concrete blocks. The incredible part about this idea it that these gift boxes will not be blown away by the wind nor taken by others. They will remain where you place them. This is such a great and easy to do idea as well.

Oversized Ornament Tutorial

To make these ornaments, you will need to use some lightbulb shades that are circular and ball like. Then, you stick a tin or container to the opened part. Then, when the glue dries, you can then spray paint the ornament into any clor you please. You can then put these out on your verandah or anywhere you please outside.

Giant Gift Boxes

These gift boxes are large and can be placed anywhere outside. You can use Christmas lights to give the gift boxes some color. This will look amazing and unique.

Pipe Candy Cane

Pipes with curves are great to use for your outdoor candy cane. You will need to make sure that the pipes a white in color. You can then wrap some red ribbons around the pipe so to finish off the candy cane white and red look.

Face in Hole Snowman

This is such a fun idea for your outdoor decoration this Christmas. It is best used in places where it does not snow heavily during the Christmas season. You can place this in a place where people can easily access and try out. Share the joy with everybody!

Mixed up Christmas Tree

This Christmas tree is made out different things. You can make yours with some ranches from a Christmas tree or a similar tree, and some pine cone and small logs. Place these by the door that leads to the inside of your home.

Christmas Plant

There is not much to making this decoration. It an all-natural Christmas decoration that involves making a plant from branches from many other different plants. The perfect mix of these different branches can be brought together by placing some simple Christmas ornaments with the plant.

Gelatin Birdseed Decorations

The reason I like this idea very much is that it is serves two purposes at once. It allows you to decorate your hand for Christmas and at the same time, it allows you to feed the birds that fly and come by in your yard.

Decorated Paper bag Lanterns

To make these, you can use a paper punch to create some beautiful decorations onto the paper bags. You can also choose to use or paint the paper bags different colors. These lanterns can be randomly places everywhere around your yard.

Christmas Themed Signs

If you usefully put some signs outside your house, why not change them up a little a put a little bit of some Christmas decorations on the signs. For example, you can make a “WELCOME HOME “ sign and make the O’s into some snowmen heads.

Simple Decorating Stick

These are quite easy to make. You will simply need to paint some sticks white then, change the sticks into snowmen by adding different features such as the eyes, mouth, nose and scarves.

Pole ornaments

These ornaments are just like and other ornaments. It is only that these ornaments are stuck to a pole to hold them together. When gluing the ornaments to the poles, make sure to put in a pattern from the big ones ant the bottom and the smaller ones at the top.

Awesome Crate Ideas for Christmas

This is by far the easiest outdoor decoration to make. You simply tie a ribbon with some Christmas colors onto a wooden crate. In this wooden crate, you can place some of your outdoor plants that are in plant pots.

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