19 DIY Extra Storage Shoe Organizing Ideas

2.Hanging Shoe Rack

2.Hanging Shoe Rack

Shoe arrangement can be nuisance especially when you have dozens of shoes. I got an inspiration to look for a solution when my I had kids and they would always throw their shoes anyhow. That time, I did not have enough money to buy big shoe racks to accommodate each one in their rooms so I thought, why not doing it myself? I searched in the internet for ideas and they were so helpful. I can’t keep them from you because I know they might help someone out there. See what I have for you.

Simple Wooden Shoe Rack

Indeed it is simple. It is just a matter of screwing together four wood pieces. This will give you two sections or even three sections including the floor when standing. If you do not have many shoes, the top part can remain open and be a little stool which can be used to put some little things like shoe brush, polish and cloth.

Hanging Shoe Rack

This is also a brilliant idea and is very spacious. It also saves the cleaning stress because shoes will be hanging on the wall.

Pallet Shoe Racks

Pallets are multipurpose. They can almost be anything you want them to be. This is one of its purposes, shoe rack. No energy or knowledge needed here, it is just pilling them up and the space between them becomes a shoe home.

Ladder Shoe Rack

This is a simple shoe rack made out of a ladder form idea. You can easily make yours using two long and four short wood pieces. The advantage is it doesn’t make your wall dirty because the ladder doesn’t stand horizontally but diagonally.

Entryway Shoe Rack

This collection of wooden crates can be shoe racks and help you organize family shoes, especially those big winter shoes because they have bigger room. They are perfect for entryway or mudroom.

All seasons Shoe Rack

The structure of this rack allows you to keep any size of the shoe. As on the picture, you can see long boots, trainers, heels, e.t.c

Honeycomb Shoe Rack

Here is to the stylish people. Honeycomb shoe rack is easily achieved by combination of hexagonal woods together and each hexagon will accommodate a pair of shoes or more, depending on your number of shoes.

Classy Shoe Shelf

Shoe shelves are more spacious. In this shoe shelf, I’m taken by the background paper with graphics; it gives it some classy gravity. It also has different heights to accommodate different shoe types.

Skateboard Shoe Rack

It may occur that you have so many skateboards in your house but no one is really using them, take them out of store and do this project. The arrangement and multicolor of the skateboards gives its beauty.

Closet Shoe Organizer

Now, this has no difference with most of the shoe shelves up there but specified it to be a closet shoe organizer because of the message the mirror is trying to send. This is definitely a place where you always try your outfits before deciding what to wear. It is important to try the full outfit, meaning with shoes just to see how everything matches. Some closets have shoe shelves already, some don’t this is why you need to make one.

Farmhouse Bench

This pretty bench is not there only for people to sit, it is there too to organize shoes. I love the idea because shoes will be hidden hence making your home neat.

Milk Crates Shoe Shelf

These are the wooden crates, most times coming with milk. They are not a waste. You will just divide them horizontally by another piece of wood then for more dramatic arrangement; you will put them in brick pattern.

Smart Shoe Shelves

These little shelves do not need a huge space yet they can accommodate a lot of shoe pairs. Despite that, its arrangement is gorgeous and unique.

Copper Pipe Shoe Rack

Rods which are normally used for bathrooms can now be used as a shoe storage hack.

Close and Open Shoe Rack

This is a series of blocks’ pattern which are flexible to close and open. It is awesome creativity which gives enough volume for shoes and yet leaves the wall looking beautiful even when the wall in not loaded with shoes.

Pallet Shoe Shelf

It is not different from the other pallet shoe rack except for its position of standing. This is standing vertical and of course it I modified into two sections. It is a good decoration too for an entryway table for a farmhouse.

Plumbing Pipe Shoe Shelf

These are pieces of industrial pipes joined together s the stands and the flat wooden horizontal planes.

Hallway Pallet Coat and Shoe Rack

Another pallet purpose is this. It even serves two functions, shoe and coat storage.

Fancy Shoe Shelf Bench

This is a combination of a fancy bench where you can seat when wearing your shoes and graces your room with classy atmosphere.

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