19 Genius DIY Ideas For Wall Art

19 Genius DIY Ideas for wall Art 17

19 Genius DIY Ideas for wall Art 17

Sometimes we think of art as a deep conceptual thing that we assume it is too hard to even attempt. Well that’s wrong, anyone can create their own artistic piece and in this can, decorate anything anyway they feel like it pleases them. Wall art is a great way for homeowners to bring their own touch to an otherwise boring wall and subsequently bring a great feel to the room. Style and trend can go out the window on this one, do with your wall what you love. Below we give a few ideas that will get you well on your way.

1.Create your own zinc alphabet letters, all you need is a spray paint of your own choice and you are on the way to go, a great idea to use in kids rooms.

2.If you are preparing for a party and want a more vibrant wall, you could sequin your wall this way and have your place looking fancy.

3.Old picture frames can come well in handy. Like this vertical hanging garden. A great piece to make(the picture collage will help you with the step by step demo)

4.Amazing how foil tape could have so many applications. Simply take foil tape and stick it out to any design you want to and your wall looks amazing.

5.You could create a very fun looking and vibrant peg board by using only pencils and string. A great creative project that everyone can jump on.

6.You could make a wipe off menu board with the paper design u desire on the inside, beautiful for people who like to plan their meals.

7.Take and old window and bring it to good use by creative a picture frame such as this one, a great idea for any room of the house, it has a nice vintage feel to it.

8.Get a picture frame and buy wool and stuff it in there in a pattern of colors and you have a nice art piece for your living room wall.

9.You could create your own abstract painting with geometric patterns like this by simply using masking tape. This is certainly cheaper than going out to buy one from a store.

10.This one is amazing! Take a fabric with a design that you love and frame it in a picture frame, these look amazing in any part of the home.

11.With a little time on your hands you can make this art piece using coffee stirrers. Simply get a bunch of them and paint them then arrange them into an frame and you have a great piece for your wall.

12.Cut our shapes of different colors and attach them to each other with some string and let them hang from your wall, it brings a fun feel to the room.

13.You could recycle a faux iron piece or get yourself a new one and with these designs there is definitely no way it will not stand out in any room.

14.You better start saving your wine corks. This piece is made from wine corks that have been glued together to make an amazing art piece. Simple and elegant.

15.You could get your shoe boxes to do more use for you, here is an example of repurposed shoe boxes and they would look amazing as décor in the lounge or living room.

16.With a canvas and string you could get some lights and create something beautiful like these. Having constellation lights is a plus in any room of the house.

17.For this we advice you use either yarn or embroidery floss. A great idea that doesn’t have to end in hearts, you could make any shape you want and it will still look amazing, mixing up the colors is good too.

19.You could design your own wallpaper with a stencil, for those without an artistic touch you could get someone to come in and help you out with this.(Above is an example you could try out)

18.Attach a pre designed fabric to your bedroom wall for this amazing looking room. You need to use liquid starch for this, an amazing concept and the writing could even be personal inspirational messages you would like to wake up to.

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