19 Incredible Ways to Display Photos

2. Sticky Tape Frames

2. Sticky Tape Frames

The way you display your pictures is quite important. It is likely going to showcase part of your personality. The way the pictures are arranged and where your pictures are placed matters a lot. You can try to be creative and use unique ways of displaying your pictures. Here are some fantastic ideas for you to use.

Wooden Frame

This DIY is amazing! It allows you to bring nature into your home. For this, you will need to use a picture frame that is wooden. The wood for the frame should be of a natural color. This will definitely bring the feel of nature into your home. You can add this feeling of nature by placing plants around or near the picture frame.

Sticky Tape Frames

This DIY is absolutely creative. You get to stick your pictures directly to the wall and use the tape as a frame. For this, you should use tape that has some amazing decorations on it so that the frame won’t be plain and boring.

Tiled Frame

For this, you can use jute rope and tie it together to form the shape of tiles. Then, you can stick your photos onto the tiled jute rope. This is a smart and orderly way of displaying your pictures.

Random Mapping Display

This idea also involves using jute thread.  You can place pins randomly to a board and tire the jute thread around the pins. The random mapping of the pins will create a unique pattern. You can stick the pictures on the jute thread.

Shiny Stone stands

Pretty shiny stones are awesome for display. For this, you can wind some wire around the stones and stick some pictures at the other end of the wire. You can spray paint the wires so that they are part of the decorations as well.

 Wire on a Wooden Frame

This DIY is quite simple. It simply involves connecting wire by using nails or glue to a wooden frame. The connection of the wire should create shapes such as squares, rectangle, or even diamonds. Then you can attach pictures to the points where the wires connect.

DIY Instagram Wall

If you love Instagram as much as I do, then this is something you are to try out. This is quite simple. All you have to do is stick your pictures to the wall, board or in a frame, in a pattern or in an order that resembles an Instagram wall.

Straight Frames and Décor

If you like your pictures in a straight and neat order, then this DIY is for you. It involves placing your photos in frames that are divided into shapes and sizes that are the same. The best for this is to have your picture frames divided into shapes such as squares and rectangles because these are neat.

Showcasing your Instagram

This DIY is also one of the simplest there is. It involves printing out your favorite pictures from Instagram, then putting them in frames so to show everyone that comes into the room. This idea is nice, easy and cheap to do.

Architectural Display

Personally, I love buildings! Historical and ancient buildings being my top favorites. If you are like me, and you like placing pictures of buildings in your home, then you must try this out! It involves building a model of the building you want to showcase. For this, you will need to use the pictures of the building, and roll and fold them and stick them together until they resemble the actual building. This is fun and creative at the same time.


Another absolutely creative way to show case your pictures is by creating letters from them. You can attach pictures to form different letters so that when you place them on the wall, they are in the word form. You can use lettering for words such as, LOVE, JOY, and PEACE and so on and so forth.

Different Photos

For this, you do not need to use photo that are similar in any way. It would be best to use different themed pictures just as well. You can decide to place these photos in frames in random patterns or make different shapes. You can even add pictures that have words on them, just so to add to the randomness of it all.

Joined Frame

This frame is big and yet it is composed of many other frames. You can determine the amount of smaller frames you want so to compose this bigger frame. The fun part about this DIY is that you can have the smaller frames attached in different and unique patterns. This will definitely add a whole lot more creativity.

Scroll on Hook

This DIY takes creativity to a whole new level! If you like a vintage look for your photo display, then you must try this. You can print out your photos on a material that can easily b attached to wood or plastic to make a scroll of some sort. Then you can simply hook the photo scroll on a hook. For the vintage effect to really become outstanding, you can use a color theme such as brown and grey

Creative and Simple Displays

I love getting creative with objects in my home. One great way to get creative is by using simple ways to display your photos. You can simply place your picture frames on shelves, or use cloth hangers to attach your pictures then hook the hangers on your wall, or you could simply place some pictures in parts of a plant that you have in your home. You do not get to see this quite often, thus bringing out your creativity.

Gallery Wall

If you notice, in your phone, the pictures in your gallery can be placed in different ways. You can pick one of those ways and hang your picture frames in the same way. It is simple and cheap.

Artsy Display

For this display, you can use thin wire and different shaped stands. You should attach the thin wire to the stands and simply attach your pictures at the other end of the wire. This DIY is simple and easy to do.

Cabinet Display

You can make this cabinet alone, then paint it into whatever color you please. You can choose how many compartments the cabinet should have, and the size as well.

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