19 Master Rustic DIY Storage and Decor

14.DIY Rustic Hanging Board

14.DIY Rustic Hanging Board

I’ve been thinking outside the box, searching for a unique look décor for my home. I usually get bored with same décor so I always try to change my home look every year. Turns out that I do not need a lot of money to buy new stuff because everything I needed was all around me. Just a little more creativity to play around with. This is why I am sharing with you these ideas I collected.

DIY Birch Wall Hooks

Birch woods are beautiful, no denial. You can do almost everything with them. Here are wall hooks made of birch which you can make them yourself and hang your kitchen towels in cheapest and stylish way.

DIY Pallet Mug Holder

Is anyone for coffee out there? Meet your partner here. I’m so in love with coffee so there was no way I was not going to include coffee plan in my renovation. A little pallet holder for my coffee mugs wasn’t a bad idea at all.

DIY Rustic Mirror

A woman without a mirror is incomplete. We all need mirrors in houses. Not just a mirror but a good looking one that will keep you standing in front of it, lost in your own beauty. In other words, it should be inviting enough. But did you think of a wooden mirror? If you are going for a farmhouse decor, this should be considered.

DIY Rolling Bookshelf

A wooden painted bookshelf, with number of rustic items on it captivates the vintage atmosphere.

DIY Rustic Apothecary Cabinet

This cabinet stands as a beautiful decor yet a perfect storage and organizing escape.

DIY Clock End table

I had a huge clock in my dining room. It was a wedding gift from my best friend. For 5 years it has always been there then I thought of repurposing it. That time, I really needed an end table in my living room so that’s what I did with my clock. I thought I was the first one to think of this, not until I saw this picture on internet and realized, many other DIY lovers have tried this. It is pretty cool.

DIY Wood Slice Shelves

This is another thing a tree (dry wood) could do. It surely brings a little touch of nature around you.

DIY Rustic Wall Knife Rack

Knives floating on the wall, isn’t it scary? NO, it is not. It is completely safe, nobody gets hurt. This Knife rack is made of wood and magnets holding everything perfectly together.

DIY Suitcase Coffee Table.

Do you have an old suitcase and a chair? Then this project would suit you. A friend of mine who loves travelling, she did this to inspire her for herself next destination. I think it is an awesome versatile.

DIY Window Coffee Table

Another brilliant idea is this one here, old window turning it to a coffee table statement.

DIY Rustic Bookshelf

And here is another rustic idea for a bookshelf in your study room, bedroom or library.

DIY Wooden Crates Bookshelf

A typical bookshelf made out of assembling 8 wooden crates. It is inexpensive and easy to make.

DIY Rustic wood Tray

You can use this as a serving tray or displaying it in an office or bedroom as an accent piece.

DIY Rustic Hanging Board

This multipurpose board can be made in 10 minutes and be used to hang anything you want like plants or silverware.

DIY Rustic Hanging Board

I personally get irritated by seeing detergents and soaps all over the bathroom. I did not have store room near bathroom so I had to come up with another storage plan and that’s when the storage mirror came in. It leaves my bathroom rustic and tidy.

DIY Milk Crate Ottoman

Kick up your feet and rest them on this DIY ottoman. They are stunning footstools that add style, comfort and versatile to any room.

DIY Industrial Pipe Shelf

There are a lot of ways to use pipes to make shelves. You will need screws, reclaimed wood and pipes of course. Remember to wipe pipes to remove any residue and everything else is easy. This is among easiest farmhouse decor project.

DIY Wooden Floating Shelves

Check out more rustic storage ideas in relation to shelves.

DIY Suspended Corner Shelves

I think corners are beautiful. You can make clever use of every space without making your room stuffy. Shelves will increase storage options and these woody shelves are just awesome for a rustic decor.

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