20 Innovative Ideas For Your Wall Art

20 Innovative ideas for your wall art 5

20 Innovative ideas for your wall art 5

The wall can make for a great place to add some flavor to your space as much as it can dull the whole place down. This is why it’s always advised in the DIY community that wall décor should get more recognition than it does. Being able to create perfect wall décor can also be tricky at times because if you go and put the wrong décor or color coordination it could spoil the whole space, this is why we have brought to you a collection of some easy to make and really stylish ideas that anyone can try out and bring a little life to dull walls. Enjoy!

1.You could get a scarf much like this one which has some artistic drawings or patterns on it and hang it up in any room of the house to get something simple and beautiful.

2.You also don’t have to make a really deep painting, a simple abstract painting like this one can be easily made by anyone to hang up in any room of the home.

3.Gather images of your loved ones or friends and family to hang up on your wall to make this photo clock, its creative and you can always swap out the pictures.

4.You can also transform your jewel cases into photo frames, with the right positioning and color coordination this makes for a great dynamic piece of work.

5.Although this one might require a bit more time from you , the end result is simply amazing. Use hand stamps to make a geometric pattern like this one or any of your choice, a great addition to the bedroom.

6.Here we give a step by step on how you can add your own stencil letters to a painting.

7.This is one idea that shows that you don’t need to buy a painting or be a great paninter. Simply blow up nice images you find on instagram and put them up like this one.

8.Another great idea is this watermark hand paining, which might also take up a bit of time but gives a really amazing end result.

9.Alarm panels and fuse boxes can be really irritating just sitting there on the wall. Using a hinge on a painting can cover these up(and for those with safes it can also be a great hiding technique).

10.Wrap a nice fabric with nice colors or artistic patterns around a styrofoam and pin it up on the wall(this is also possible using wood)

11.Getting small tiny mirrors and arranging them in an organized order makes for a nice wall piece like this one, like a giant mirror of small mirrors.

12.You can use ordinary household items like paper clips coat hangers to hold up your paintings similar to the example above.

13.You could organize your art supplies in a colorful order just like this on your wall, it leaves your room looking nice and vibrant.

14.Here all you need is glue, a wooden canvas and some spray paint. You just glue your letters into the canvas and spray over them for these nice pieces for the wall.

15.For this piece you need to get a poster board and cut small equal pieces and spray paint over them, you could do a singular color theme or add multiple colors, for whatever you’re feeling like.

16.This is also another example on how you can wrap a nice piece of clothing around a Styrofoam board and use it to match whichever theme of any room of the house.

17.You can make a beautiful flowered themed wall like this, it is so easy to make that you could actually use real flowers for this to work. If not you can cut out these shapes off a white paper and color them .

18.Use paint sticks or small pieces of wood to bring life to your mirror this way, this way it isn’t just another lifeless thing hanging there.

19.Using a hot glue gun and some crayons you can create your own canvas and turn it into this, simply run the crayons through the hot glue gun and voila you’re good to go.

20.This one is fun and dynamic because you can always splay with it. Its an idea for creating a magnetic scrabble board and you can hang it up in any room of the house and always play with friends.

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