20 REALLY Cool Mason Jar Projects

2.Lantern Mason Jar

2.Lantern Mason Jar

Mason jars are cheap and make for really great DIY projects, when done right they can be used anywhere in the home, all rooms. Be it for decorative purposes and for functional purposed around the home(for reasons of storage), or whether you need a place to lively up the room, mason jars can always be used. Below we give you some tips and ideas you can use for you DIY at home, enjoy!

Beachy Mason Jar : add some beach sand and shells or pebbles in a mason jar to get yourself a beachy vibe to decorate the home.

LATERNS : chalkboard laterns are great for the home, they give a nice calming aura to the place for quiet evenings.

Holiday decorations: for all your holiday decorations(especially Halloween )

Salt\sugar dispenser : You can easily turn your mason jar into a salt dispenser or sugar and get rid of the old traditional packaging .

Table centerpiece: you can make beautiful center pieces like these and add candles for the added touch to it.

Solar mason jars: A great idea for those of us who wish to turn our mason jars into power sources.

Parmesan cheese lids: you can get some lids that fit onto your mason jar and make it function in that way, a great idea!

Sewing kit jar : turn your mason jar into a sewing kit for all your sewing tools and cottons, a great place and neat to keep everything in one place.

Mason Jar soap dispenser : Make your own soap dispenser and still keep the place looking neat and professional, brilliant idea!

MASON Lighting: make your ordinary boring light into a nice unique light for anywhere in the home.

Hanging Lights : turn your mason jar into a hanging fixture this way for the patio or anywhere outdoors .

Table top lamps : out with the old standard table top lamps, turn your are into a nice unique looking place with some different colored mason jar coverings instead.

MASON JAR Go cups: turn your mason jars into go cups and enjoy a cold sip wherever you go, a great idea because you can reuse them many times over.

Mason Jar picture frames :turn your mason jars into picture frames for display around the home, an innovative and cost effective idea.

Mason jar gifts: mason jars can also be used to pack unique and small gifts like this, looks really creative.

Mason Jar lamp base : you can use your mason jars as lamp bases and fill them up with some stuff too.

Under shelf storage: you can use them as under shelf storage this way, amazing!

Mason jar desk organizer : use mason jars as a desk organizer to keep you r workspace nice and neat.

Custom lateens: mason jars make for great custom lanterns, most DIY  lovers have a blast with these.

Mason jar Terrariums : make some small collections like these and they really look amazing out on the table for the outdoor lovers.

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