21 Extraordinary Mirror Ideas For Home

19.Wood Slice Mirror

19.Wood Slice Mirror

Mirrors reflect beauty, beauty brings joy and joy brings life. In other words, mirrors are essential in your house. Today, I will post 21 extraordinary mirrors that you can do them yourself and embrace your home with classy atmosphere. They are completely easy and cheap to make. Enjoy.

Rustic Sectioned Mirror

It is a huge and beautiful mirror made of wooden frame which parts the mirror into multiple sections, hanged on the wall

Dressing Mirror with Little Shelves

This is nothing complicated. It is simple yet classic. I t even has little shelves to put your little things.

Anthropologie Mirror

You can’t deny, this mirror is eye catchy. It is just an art of applying a gold and silver leaf on the mirror. Any mirror shape will do, here are square and round mirrors which make a nice combination together.

Sunburst Mirror

This mirror will definitely bring sunlight in your house; it dramatically expresses the sun rays only by using chopsticks. Why should you waste a lot of money to buy a similar design in a shop while you can DIY it?

Romantic Makeup Mirror

Such mirror was made out of faux flowers and an old mirror. Any girl would love to be in front of this lovely mirror and mix the chemistry of the flowers and hers.

Gold Framed Mirror

Nothing difficult in this, it is just adding a little classy detail which is done by dipping the wooden frame into gold while leaving the black diagonal line between the gold ocean. It makes it exceptionally beautiful.

Classic Gold Mirror

This mirror will be overpriced if you go to the shop or try buying it online as if it is a tough work to do it alone. This is just mirror tiles placed on plywood by applying adhesive mirrors in each. Then gluing the nail tacks on the corners of each tile. Finally, putting your already gold sprayed frame and securing it on your wall.

Farm House Mirror

This is a normal mirror you may buy from Ikea but turned rustic. This is one way of repurposing your mirror and it only takes 30 minutes. It perfectly suits a vintage or rustic interior design.

Gem Mirror

Gems transform anything to look extra expensive. If you get these gems from dollar store, glue them on your simple mirror, it’ll look prettier.

Simple Makeup Mirror with Lights

You definitely need good light when applying makeup just to make sure the lipstick goes to your eyes instead of lips, hahahaha! Jokes. Well, despite its efficient function, it also plays a role in decorative function.

Rustic Mirror Shelf

It is great to have a mini shelf at the bottom of the mirror. This helps to keep the things you need when standing in front of the mirror like combs, lotions, perfume, e.t.c

Pottery Ban  Mirror

This mirror speaks volume. It is majestic and can upgrade any corner it will be placed.

Bottle Cap Mirror

With DIY, anything can design something. Who could have thought the bottle caps which seem useless, can now make a mirror colorful? You only need a glue to stick them around. This mirror can placed in garage or little bar in your house.

Window Mirror

I didn’t title it so because it is meant to stay by the window, no. I called it a window mirror because it is made out of the window frame. This is a wooden window and without removing hardboard between the frames, you will add your mirror pieces on it by glue. It is a beautiful way of recycling an old window.

Frameless Mirror

Not every mirror should have a frame. This mirror doesn’t and still looks gorgeous.

Starburst Mirror

The idea is similar to the Sunburst mirror above but this has woody touch and the sticks around are flat and thick rather than round and thin (chopsticks)

Tree Mirror          

This is a very nice decorative idea especially if you are a nature person.

Rope Framed Mirror

Ropes are of different sizes, the thicker the better. Wrap it around your mirror using hot glue leaving a little hole on top for the hook in case you will want to hang it somewhere.

Wood Slice Mirror

Here you will need cardboard, slices of wood, glue and your round mirror. Basically, it is just gluing the slices near the edge, the finally gluing the mirror itself at the centre and let everything dry.

Sunburst Mirror

Another version of a sunburst mirror is this. It is the easiest because any wooden sticks picked in the woods can be used. You don’t need to shape them into a regular shape, they are meant to be with rough edges, that is just its design. Finally, paint them in white while covering the mirror at the centre until the woods are dry.

Driftwood Mirror

Lastly, driftwood mirror is one of the sophisticating DIY ideas. Easy and cheap compared to its magic it brings in a room.

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