22 Amazing DIYs for Outside Halloween Decorations

3. Creepy Ghost Stands

3. Creepy Ghost Stands

I personally love going all out with my decorations during Halloween. I love decorating both the inside and the outside of my house. The inside, so that those in the house will get into the Halloween spirit. And, I especially love decorating the outside of my house. I do extra with everything I use as decorations. I love it when all my decorations are up and perfect. Those who see my house after I have put up all the decorations are definitely impressed. Here, I have a few incredible ideas for you to try out for decorating the outside of your house.

Pumpkin Cat Lights

These cats are quite easy to make. All you need are pumpkins. Use big pumpkins for the cats’ bodies, and smaller pumpkins for the heads. Paint over the pumpkins with some black paint. You can then carve in the cats’ eyes and add some paper ears. You can place a candle inside the cats’ heads so that the lights shine out through the eyes. You can place these by the doorsteps.

See through Creepy Figures

To make these figures, you can wrap some plastic foil around mannequin body parts. For example, you can use a mannequin leg. Wrap the foil until it makes a really thick layer around the leg. Then, cut open one side of the leg and gently remove the leg. Because the foil would have made a thick layer, it will still hold the shape of the leg. You can then hang the leg or any other body parts randomly around your yard.

Creepy Ghost Stands

These stands are made from wood and wire. On the wooden stands, place a wire shaped in a circular way. Then, place a piece of black cloth around the wire. After this, you can then place a white cloth to cove the black cloth completely. Wrap the white cloth around the rest of the stand so that it blends in. to complete the look, add some skeleton hands so that they poke out through the white cloth.

Wood Porch Pumpkins

This DIY involves making some pumpkins from wood. Paint over some wooden stamps with some orange paint. You can then decorate these self-made pumpkins with some ribbons. It is that simple.

Ghoulish Ghosts

For this, you will need some gourds. Paint or draw over the gourds with some permanent markers to make eyes and spooky mouths. You can then cover the gourds with some white net material. You can place these out with your Halloween pumpkins.

Creepy Basement

To make this basement, you will need a wooden pallet. Add some splats of fake blood on the wooden pallet. Make a small hole on the ground in your yard and place a skeleton in the hole. You can then place the wooden pallet, over the hole so that it acts as the basement door.

Creepy Halloween Window

This is quite a simple DIY. All you have to do is to stick a Halloween themed blinder or shade over your windows. When the lights inside the rooms get switched on, the picture on the blinders will become bright. This will mean that those outside can see the images on the blinder.

Carved Wooden Pumpkins

These DIY pumpkins are made out from wood as well. You can paint them over with orange paint. You can then carve on these pumpkins some creepy eyes and mouths.


Coffins are the creepiest things ever, in my opinion. To make these coffins, you can use women old pieces of wood. You can then add a creepy skeleton to make the coffin even scarier.

Ghost Leaf Bag

This is probably the simplest DIY to make. All you need to use are some white trash bags. Fill these bags with some of the dried leaves that have fallen. You can then tie the bags up and place them in your yard. Draw on them using some permanent markers some creepy eyes and mouths.

Barbie Zombies

To achieve this look, you will need to spray paint the Barbie dolls with some colors that will make them look peculiar. Use colors such as silver, red, and green. Mix all these colors and create some creepy looking Barbie dolls.

Hanging Ghosts

These ghosts are very simple to make. You will need some balls, thread and white net material. First, draw on the balls some eyes and mouths. Hen, cover the balls with the net cloth. Lastly, connect the thread to the ball and hang the complete ghost to trees or verandah ceiling.

Potion Jars

These are absolutely creative and amazing for decorations. To make these, you can use empty medical pill bottle. Spray paint these bottles with a mixture of black and gold. Stick some thread onto the bottles to make some words. Then, you can paint over the letters as well.

DIY Lawn Ghosts

This decoration is great for Halloween. It will definitely freak people out as they pass by your house at night. To make these ghosts, you will need some thin sticks, white cloth and some Styrofoam. Stick the sticks into the circular Styrofoam. Then, stick them into the ground outside. You can then place the cloths on top of the Styrofoam. You can tie the ends of the cloths together so that it looks like the ghosts are holding each other.

Persecution stands

You can easily make these stands. You can use images from the internet to choose the designs and how to make them easily. When you finish making the stands, you can place them out in your add. Then, you can place a skull onto the stands to add to the creepy effect.

Branch Ghosts

These little ghosts are best placed in branches. You can make these by using small balls and thin white material. Stick the cloth onto the balls. You can then add some Christmas lights into the balls and hang them in trees.

Barred Door

This creepy looking decoration is absolutely easy to make. You can use old pieces of wood to barricade a door that you do not use. Behind the barricade, you can place a dressed skeleton. Add some fake blood to both the skeleton and the door. The blood will make the skeleton look like a zombie.

Warning on a tombstone

To make this, you can carve in some words into a piece of wood. Make sure that the words will give people the chills when they read it. You can then paint the piece of wood with some gray paint so that it looks like a tombstone.

Webbed House

This is quite the brilliant idea! To make this, you will need quite a lot of white thread. It will definitely a lot of time and work to achieve those look, but, it will most definitely be worth it in the end.

Bare Trees and Crows

To make this decoration, you can use some tree branches. Remove the leaves and place the branches near some of your Halloween pumpkins. You can then make the crows from black Manila paper. Stick the crows into the branches.

Spider Webs

This is quite an easy way to make spider webs. You will need to soak some white woolen thread into some glue, and then wrap the thread around blown balloons. You can pop the balloons when everything is all dried up. You can then add some fake spiders to the webs and hang them in trees.

Door covered in Pumpkins

For this, you will need to hang some pumpkins all up around your doorway. You can then place some lights into the pumpkins. When it becomes dark, you can then switch the lights on. This will make the pumpkins look creepy.

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