22 Incredible Ways to Decorate Farm House

6. DIY Paint Sticks Bushel Basket

6. DIY Paint Sticks Bushel Basket

If you happen to live in a farm house, or even if you like the idea of farm house décor for your home, I would advise taking a look at these amazing ideas. These ideas are simple to do and will bring a little of the classy look alongside the farm house look. If you want to turn your home into a beautifully decorated house, look no further and check out these great ideas. Change the look of your decor with the simplest of things.

Wooden Crate

With just a simple wooden crate, you can change the whole look of a room. In this case, you can use a wooden crate to hold a plant pot. All you have to do is place a plant pot in the crate and then place the crate wherever you want to keep the plant. Because the crate is wooden, it will help the plant make the room look earthy and full of nature. The color of the wooden crate has to be a natural color so to create this effect.

DIY Farmhouse Message Board

It is common to have a system of leaving special and important notes for those you stay with or just reminders as well. If you do this in your house, why not do it in style? This is a simple yet stylish message board. You can use some thin wire and some wood to make it. You can simply use pegs to clip the notes to the wire.

Natural Art

Bringing nature into the house will definitely give it that farm house look and feel. You can easily use dried flowers and dried straw to make a beautiful art work and then place it in a frame and hang it. This is also a simple way to decorate your home. It is quite unique because people rarely bring nature into their home as a form of an art work.

Wooden Pallet Décor

There is so much you can do with a piece of wood and paint. For this DIY, you simply get to paint a piece of wood into a great and yet simple artwork with lettering. Use a wooden board of any size you want and paint on it a simple word. You could paint words such as EAT, WELCOME, HAPPY and so on and so forth.

Entrance Room

If in your home you have a place to hang coats and leave outdoor shoes as you enter the house, then this idea would be a must try. Instead of just having hooks, why not add a few other things that would help your guests feel a whole lot more welcome. Under the hooks, you can add a bench of some sort with some cushions in warm embracing colors. Under the bench, you can add baskets of some sort for storage and at the same time, that space can easily be used to keep outdoor shoes.

DIY Paint Sticks Bushel Basket

This DIY is absolutely fantastic for that farm house look! Imagine having this basket in the middle of a table, and it being full with some fresh fruit. Yes! This would work for that look all too perfectly. You really cannot go wrong with this idea.

Mini circular Shelf Table

This shelf table is great as well because it is wooden, and with wood, the farm house feel can easily be achieved. Make sure that the wood on the shelf table is in its natural color so to achieve this easily. On the shelves, you can place some fruit together with small plants. The combination of the two will make your home look quite natural and unique as well.

Serviette Wire Rack

This particular thin wire is closely associated with the wire that is usually used on farms for example for things such as bird coops. So bringing this wire in your home will definitely bring that farmhouse look. Use the wire for things such as racks for serviettes. It will simply add a little more pattern to that boring rack.

Nature in Entrance

For that entrance area, you can add a shelf right above the coat hooks. On the shelf, you can place baskets with plants such as a vase of fresh overflowing flowers, dried flowers and even a vine of some sort with overflowing leaves. You can easily take advantage of these plants during holidays such as the Christmas where you add a bit of decoration to the green leaves so to create that Christmas spirit from the time people enter your home.

Round Jute Place Mats

Jute is nice and very flexible. You can easily roll it to make place mats. The straw-like look of the jute will make it look as though the place mats are made up out of straw. This will help with that farm house look. You can easily also choose the shape you want for the place mats and use thin wire to make the shape, then wind the jute around the wire. You can also determine the size of the place mats with the same ease.

DIY Plant Rack

This DIY also involves the use of the thin wire. This is because using thin wire is one of the easiest ways to go for that farm house look. For this DIY, you basically are making a box rack with the thin wire and some pieces of wood. For the bottom of the rack, make sure to use wood, so that the plant pots cannot fall out.

DIY Vintage Kitchen Sign

Who said you cannot bring that gorgeous vintage look into a farm house? I am here to tell you that this is quite easy to achieve! All you have to use is use vintage lettering for kitchen signs. Imagine getting to have vintage signs in your kitchen. You can have anything really written on the signs.

Rustic Succulent Pots

Like it’s mentioned earlier on, bringing nature into the house definitely brings that farm house feel into the picture. So, if you are going to bring in some plants into your home, at least make sure that the plant pots help bring out that farm house look. These rustic pots are perfect for that.

Black Board Door

This idea doesn’t only bring the farm house look, but it also shows creativity. It is also quite unique. You can use this door to write down reminders and special messages to those you live with.

DIY Nature Shelf

These shelves basically show case the natural objects you have in your home. You can put on it things such as mats made out of jute, flowers; both dried and fresh, and some other small plants. You can also put on it some signs, such a “WELCOME” sign.

Simple Shelf

Another brilliant way of bringing the farm house look into your home is by using these simple shelves. You can attach the shelves to the wall for stability, but at the ends of the shelves, you can attach a thick rope so that it looks like the shelves are attached to the rope and hanging from the ceiling.


This idea is as simple as that. By hanging antique art and decoration that has the farm theme, you will definitely make that farm house look. Make sure that the decorations match with the color of the wall on which you hang them.

Wooden Crate Drawers

Wooden crates can be used for just about anything when creating that farm house look. You can bring them into your kitchen and make drawers out of the crates. To bring out even more of the farm house look, you can keep in the drawers some fruits.

Farm house Cabinet

This idea is quite simple to do. It is basically a cabinet painted in a simple color, and make sure that the paint looks a bit chipped to create more effect. On top of the cabinet, you can place a bowl of fruits and above the cabinet, place a sign that has a simple word of phrase on it. You can also add a little more creativity by placing a carving of a farm animal.

Five Minute Farmhouse Footed Tray

To make this tray look just about right, you must make sure that it is painted in a way that makes it look like the color is fading. The tray must also be attached to small wooden feet. You can keep in the tray things such as spices, fruits and so on.

Simple Sign

This idea is as simple to make as its title. It involves painting in beautiful calligraphy a simple word or phrase of a wooden board. To add more of the farm house effect, you can place in front of the sign on a simple table, an object such a lantern or other vintage farm objects.

DIY Glass Jars

This is probably the simplest way of creating the farm house effect for your home. It basically involves putting some pebbles in a clear and clean glass jar. Then, attach a piece of jute to the lid of the jar and hanging the jar by the jute. Simple as that!

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