23 Quick and Easy Girly DIY Tricks



AS girls we always need something to spice up an outfit or an accessory. We have compiled 26 quick and easy girly DIY tricks just for you and your friends to make during the weekends or during your free time. Maybe some of these you will need on a random day or maybe you just feel creative! Either way, Lets get busy!

When summer time approaches. Save your money and make your own beach or pool side poncho. All you need is a lights summery

This DIY trick is neat and can be used as a necklace of sorts or just to keep your neck warm. It’s easy to make and you can use any print of your choice.

We all have those old pair of jeans we are contemplating on throwing away. Before you do, why not make something new, like this lovely  unique pair of shorts. The hem has a curved wavey detail which will definitely make them stick out more plus you would save money and have a new outfit.

Bracelets are great, beaded bracelets are even better. Here is a great way to make one of your own and the best part is you don’t have to use a needle and sew in. Thank heavens for glue, This DIY trick just became a 100 times easier.

If you are the kind who loves to decorate your surroundings this trick is for you. All you need is some felt paper, time and glue! Get creative and make flowers of various colours and maybe give some to your crush.

Yes! Finally a place for all your earrings, necklaces and rings! This DIY idea is for all of you who love jewelry and need them to stop getting lost or misplaced. This is a very affordable investment into saving your precious accessories.

If you are more into showing off your jewelry, instead of making a box you can make this hand to display your rings or hold your necklaces. This way they will be in your line of sight and you don’t have to spend time looking for something.

Yep! Toilet paper rolls can be put to good use, all you need to do is redecorate it and cut out a port big enough for your phone. Use pins as legs and place it near your charging port.

This Idea is great for girls who love makeup but have nowhere to put it. This DIY trick requires a bit more effort and patience as you would have to sew but once you are done you will love your new makeup bag.

This idea is great or people who love storage and display spaces. I love this idea because the detailing in the lace is very intricate and you can pick any colour of your choice.

Nothing says girly like a cute pair of shorts. This DIY trick lets you show off your legs and its simply adorable. You could pick a different colour or if you are feeling brave, have them layered in different colours.

Leaves are a natural pattern, beautiful and unique. Use some to make prints on your walls, clothes or sheets. Use different colours or your fave colour.

Ever notice how gold makes almost anything look glamourous? Ever wanted ornaments but cant afford them? Well fear not. All you need is gold spray paint and a few toy animals. You can then use them as tiny candle holders or just place them on display.

These are so cute. You get to paint whatever you want on them to go along with your style or you can make them as gifts for your friends.

This trick requires patience and a bit of time to get it right but once you are done you will love your bug eyed creation.

The inner artist in you is coming out to play with this idea. Pick a stone you would love to have on display then cover it in paint with a mandala pattern using colours you like.

If you have an interesting fashion sense or you are feeling daring. Maybe there is a costume party and you just want to get a bit creative this idea is for you. Make sure to be careful with all the wiring.

Find some big pineapples (or any fruit of your choice) toys, spray paint them gold and attach them to a stand. Use that to keep your books upright and intact.

Paper flowers are wonderful, they don’t wilt, they are timeless pieces of art you could make for yourself or a friend in your spare time.

If you like starts and lights this idea is for you. Cover your Christmas lights with star papers and stick them to the wall. It will look great at night, try using multiple colours.

We all have that mug we travel around with, why not make yours unique and pretty with glitter, glitter comes in many colours and different shapes to give off a different texture. Play around till you find something you like.

This knitted poncho-like idea allows you to be fashionable while saving money.  It is quite easy to make and you don’t have to know how to sew or cut material. Just have the will and your material ready.

Thread is malleable and can be used to make a lot of things. In this DIY trick use pins and thread to write out a word you like and have it on display in your room or in an open space.

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