25 Fabulous DIY Ideas For Advent Calendar Ideas

25 Fabulous DIY Ideas For Advent Calendar Ideas 3

25 Fabulous DIY Ideas For Advent Calendar Ideas 3

As we know an advent calendar is a piece of card incorporating small numbered flaps, one of which is opened on each day of the Advent to reveal a picture appropriate to the season.  This however does not mean your calendar must not be interesting and shouldn’t add some much needed life to your decor.

Here is how you can plan your December and do things with your family randomly by doing what it is written on the number on the date. Everything has to be events that align with Christmas eg. Looking at old family Christmas pictures.

Here is how you can plan your December and do things with your family randomly by doing what it is written on the number on the date. Everything has to be events that align with Christmas eg. Looking at old family Christmas pictures.

This should be fun, he is a punch advent idea. Daily you get to punch on the date do find out what you are doing for that day.

This is a good idea for your living room. Hang it against a plain wall.

Oh this is such a great idea for this festive season. Make elf tubes out of toilet paper rolls and put them on top of your fireplace or anywhere in the house. Make sure they are nice and colorful. Be sure to include the little ones so they show off their art and craft skills from school.

It is indeed the season for Christ. Make sure you make a calendar with all the scriptures leading to the birth of Jesus Christ.

This is perfect way for you to get the momentum going for the kids. As they wait for the Santa they can put on to his beard each day a cotton ball to resemble his beard. The day they put their last beard is the day he will arrive with their goodies.

You can also make a chain link advent calendar that you can also have around your Christmas tree as decorations this festive season.

How so traditional is this? A couple of good old Christmas stockings numbered and you throw in a couple of to do things during each day and voila there you have it, your advent calendar.

This advent calendar must be by the far the perfect representation of what Christmas means to us. The number gradually increase to Bethlehem where the Virgin Mary ultimately gave birth to our Jesus.

If you are looking for something more simple and fun for the children then look no further. This Popsicle stick colored advent calendar idea is the one for you.

Learn how to make advent calendar cards for this festive season, you are at liberty to have anything you want written on them.

Another brilliant idea is having a pocket scrap advent calendar. Each pocket can have a different date and inside a to do card.

How beautiful is this? In each mini box there are small items that represent what happened on that particular day in the Nativity store. This could be a perfect way also of teaching your children the story of Jesus.

Here is how you can create a jewelry box advent calendar.

Forget about that traditional Christmas wreath. This year go for something more modern and exciting. Create an advent calendar wreath.

Oh how cute is this? Collect some sesame jars and use them for your advent calendar. Once done add all the jars into a cute basket and place on top of a side table.

This could be perfect for the kitchen wall. You could have under each date recipes or Christmas inspired dishes that you want to make daily.

Just how amazing is this clothes pin Christmas tree advent calendar. The name might be long but trust me it is not that hard to make and requires minimal time.

How cool is this? Here is an advent calendar beard. Daily your get to cut off a number from the beard and behind that number could be either something to do or a message related to Christmas.

This is perfect, with this idea, you get to have names of savior of different ornaments. In each of them will be different scriptures leading up to the day of Christ. It is another fun and easy way to teach your children Nativity.

Your kids will love this. Every day they get to pick a treat. Simply have these treats in sewn paper to make pockets for the candy and various treats.

This here is a brilliant idea, making poppers out of toilet paper rolls. Make sure you make them colorful to brighten up your home.

We give you another brilliant advent calendar idea this festive season. Craft paper stockings, remember that you are at liberty to write whatever it is you want in each date.

As we draw closer to the month of December we hope that these advent calendar ideas will be useful to you. We also hope that you enjoy making these calendars and we lastly wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy new year.

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