29 Amazing Spray Painting Ideas to Redecorate Your Home

13.Dip your vase in gold

13.Dip your vase in gold

Spray paint has made out lives easier, we can achieve a certain look with less hustle and bustle. Saving time and money when it comes to redecorating out homes from repainting jar lids to old wicker chairs in our backyard.

From plastic to metal bowls

This DIY trick gives your bowls an expensive strong feel. They are great especially if you need to give off a sturdy appearance.

Turn terracotta pots to gold

Have you ever seen how magical golden flower pots look? Why not invest in some gold spray paint and turn your garden into a magical place.

Upgrade rubber boots

If your rubber boots are losing their look, and are scratched and aged why not spray paint

Upgrade rubber boots

If your rubber boots are losing their look, and are scratched and aged why not spray paint

Metallic finish on industrial baskets

Sometimes industrial baskets look fragile, help give them a different look with this DIY metallic spray paint project.

Reuse tin cans

Tin cans are great storage spaces for various things like kitchen utensils to being plant pots. Find out what you need.

Pretty pinecone christmas decor

Collect pinecones and save up on having to buy them for Christmas decor.

Spray paint over fabric

If you have ugly messy stains that won’t wash off why not spray paint over your fabric in a colour you love and revamp completely.

Cover your fridge magnets in gold

This will give your fridge a classier cool edge, use alphabetical fridge magnets and play around with your golden words.

Gold branch centerpieces

Branches have a unique ancient mysterious look about them, now spray painting them in gold gives it a priceless timeless look.

Wall art with leaves

Leaves have unique prints that can become art on a wall with this fabulous DIY trick

Mirror gazing bowling ball

If you have an old bowling ball that is not being used, spray paint it and use it as a mirror gazing ball.

Dip your vase in gold

Everything you touch turns to gold with this winning dipped in gold vase look.

Reuse canisters in the kitchen

Canisters can always be used to store something, Follow this DIY trick to repaint the lids and get storing.

Straw pom poms for Christmas décor

Collect some straws and get creative this Christmas with a lovely pom pom sprayed in a colour of your choice

DIY gold trimmed office cabinet

Turn your boring cabinet into this fancy one with gold spray paint.

Large Outdoor flower planters

Turn your outdoor planters into fabulous centerpieces by helping them blend in with the colour scheme of your home.

Fabric spray paint on rug

If your rug is old and tired, add a little life to it by spray painting it in any design of your choice.

Spray paint over vent cover

Vent covers usually look messy and old. Revamp yours with some spray paint.

DIY PVC pipe as curtain rods

PVC pipes are the lifesavers of DIY décor in case you needed curtain rods.

Upgrade your plain basket

Silver baskets look classier than plain old ones.

Candle centerpiece with gold stones

Have a candle centerpiece and add a bit of glamour to it with stones that have been spray painted in gold.

DIY Christmas lights

Spray paint your lights to give them a fresh magical feel around the Christmas tree.

Spray paint wicker furniture

After some time wicker furniture tends to get frazzled and old looking. Why not revamp it so it looks bran new and lasts longer.

Gold trashcan for the win

The gold trashcan simply looks better, admit it.

Glamorize old faucets

Old faucets can make an entire sink look like it’s falling apart. Save a life by spray painting over it to give it a new, up funk look.

Renew old chairs with spray paint

Old chairs that still work but look rusty and painful can be reused by spray painting over them. Don’t forget to smooth out the old paint first for a clean finish.

DIY revamping old frames

Old frames can be put to good use and made look classier or a bit more up funk depending on what you are looking for. Place the frame in a box to help reduce paint splatter.

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