30 Amazing life hacks For College students

23.Coat hangers

23.Coat hangers

As a college students one usually has so many things going on and juggling all thee things at once is usually a problem for most that’s why they tend to look very disorganized. This post aims to help college students wherever you are to have a better orientation of stuff going on around you and to keep track of everything. It isn’t a post just about organization too, its also about money saving techniques and lots of other DIY tips that can help ease the stress of some students during their college life.

DIY laptop to snapback bag: Having one strap on your shoulder can cause stress on it and even pains, here is a guide with a useful tip you can use to turn your laptop bag into a bag pack with both straps.

Undercover drink : here’s a tip for you , simply cut top off a soft drink can and use the body to wrap around your beer can and drink nicely incognito.

Morning coffee : does your dorm refuse to have coffee machines? Worry not, simply Cut the bottom out of a foam cup, place a coffee filter over the hole and secure with an elastic band. Fill the filter with coffee grinds, and while holding the cup over a mug, slowly pour boiling water.

Mug and Microwave: the mug and microwave make for some great  meals too, check out some more recipes you can use to make food in your microwaves.

Change Jar: Pin a jar up like this that way you do not have to lose all your coins or keep trying to look everywhere when in need of a little change.

Color coded Notebooks: Keep your notebooks in order so that you do not have to always open one to check what notes are in it.

Washing Machine cooler : ice wont do any harm to it, so why not turn this into a very handy cooler instead of trying to pack up your fridge? Amazing idea.

Louder Alarm system : this phone in a cup idea is really great, it amplifies the sound  the alarm ringer and forces you to get up when turning it off.

Laptop cooler : the natural air cooling system, keeping your laptop on an egg carton prevents you having the constant over heating issue we all have to deal with.

Fresh air : keep your dorm smelling lovely by sticking or taping a dryer sheet to it, or on the AC unit in your room, a cheap and easy solution.

T-Shirt Hack : here is a guide on how to properly organize your closet and to fold your tees in a way that will keep the place neat.

The new age grocery list: Writing lists is old and boring and we forget stuff, instead take a picture of your fridge and cabinets and just like that, when you get to the store you will know exactly what you need.

Bubble Gum trick : Chew one flavor of bubble gum throughout the study session and when you are taking the exam chew the same flavor of gum, and it will joggle your memory.

Treat incentive: if you find yourself with a great workload, mark some spots in the pages or paragraphs such that when you reach each marker you reward yourself with a snack.

Tablet Mounting : mounting your own small entertainment system is easier than you thought,( please only use this idea for tablets and small devices)

Color Key Coding : wrap some tape around the tops and paint over with nail polish to keep track of the different keys.

Microwave heating: heating two bowls in the microwave is what most impatient people want most of the time, simply place a mug under one and voila there’s space.

Cafeteria drinks: most cafeterias might not like this idea but you could stock up your bottles with free drinks at your school cafeteria.

Multipurpose cooker: this multipurpose machine can help you boil cook pretty much any quick food you need, yes, pasta too!

Screen lock scheduler: keep you timetable or schedule nearby by keeping it as you lock screen or wallpaper so you always remember what you need to do.

Self-control apps: download apps like self-control which block any website you chose for the period of time that you wish to block it

Shower Head : here’s a great DIY shower head made with a small bottle that has had holes poked in the bottom, a great and easy and very cheap idea too.

Coat hangers : Create more space by making double coat hangers using can tabs, a great idea.

Sound system : Here is a great way which you can amplify your phone sound with close to no money needed. A great tip to save money.

Cord labeling: Label different cords this way  to keep track of which does what.

Stool Garbage bin : The stool turned upside down makes for a great garbage bin.

Tape Frames: here are some great DIY tips with using tape as picture frames, a nice and cheap solution

Beer wifi signal.: here are some instructions on how you can use your beer can to focus your wifi signal.

Cold beer : Get a warm beer and place a wet paper towel on it and throw in the freezer for about 10-15 minutes and then enjoy a cold beer.

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