30 Amazingly DIY Small Bathroom Storage Hacks Help You Store More

30 Amazingly DIY Small Bathroom Hacks 10

30 Amazingly DIY Small Bathroom Hacks 10

The bathroom is a place and room which you want to just go and relax and take away any after thoughts from a very stressful day at school or work. Besides all this, we must make sure that that special room is kept clean and tidy. You need a very relaxed environment. Imagine the way it will feel or look just after you walk in or get into a small but clean room. Sometimes you have to check the size of your bathroom. Usually most of the time the bathroom is not so big and fails to keep lotions, perfumes, dryers and towels.

1. This shape makes it good for storing a hair dryer and including an iron.

2. Get familiar with unused cabinets in the house and put them to use. Create a suitable type of wood available if you want to customize. Make use of that space.

3. Get some wire and mold it into different shapes to create peg models for your wall.

4. Don’t waste space in between walls. Find some wood and unused drawers and fix them to the wall that they can slide back and forth.

5. You can do so much with the bathtub space. Make drawers below the bathtub that you can store bathing items

6. It is pretty straight forward. Get some glass and put them together in a round shape and make it into a cylinder.

7. Get some wood and put it in front of the tub. Transform it into a pull-out cabinet.

8.Get empty jars and fix them onto the war. It’s as simple as that.

9. Make use of those unused spice racks to store different bathroom items.

10. Get some wood above the toilet set and shelf toiletries.

11. Make use of that tray you leave around the house. Put it to use under the sink. Bend it to wrap around the sink for a more elegant look.

12. Under the bathroom sink, make a small storage box to keep all those tangled hair dryers.

13. Install a few hooks around the shower curtain rod to keep toiletries for bathing.

14. Put an unused ladder in the bathroom and use it as a rack for used towels.

15. Put a wine rack in the bathroom to act as a simple organizer for towels.

16. Just go and get some open space walled with floating shelves.

17. Put a simple hook over the mirror and make it into a rod.

18. Keep appliances that are dangerous or just lying around the room in the boxed file storage.

19. Get a simple organizer you can put on a cabinet door with any design you want.

20. Put the shelves over the toilet seat in an orderly fashioned floating system.

21. Install a wooden framed mirror on the wall with easy open storage.

22. Get a pocketed organizer for the sink.

Put a table above the toilet paper for more space

24. Put some toweled essence in the bathroom.

25. Get a shelf made of see through glass and put it on top of the shower head.

26. Use any cabinet styles you can find and use them to store or display any bathroom items.

27. It might seem strange but putting a shelving unit above your toilet is cool.

28. Get resourceful and make a shelf stand under the sink.

29. Simple-minded but very effective, you can get any type of cloth and make pockets for the shower products.

30. Fix a box to the wall and make sure you divide it.

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