30 Artistic DIY Wood Projects

16. Wooden Pencil Holder

16. Wooden Pencil Holder

Wood is a great thing to use when doing DIY and there’s many different things it can be used for that’s why it is used in pretty much almost all areas concerning DIY. The added benefit is that you need not spend much on it and this makes every project not only easy but pretty affordable too, we bring you a few brilliant tips you can use for your home DIY projects.

Wood Bunting : You can create your own beautiful wooden piece like this and many more and its simple and stylish too.

Wooden Flower box : Wooden pallets have never been a bad idea, simply cut some out and paint them and arrange them in this way to plant your small garden trees.

Wooden cup Coasters : These wooden cup coasters look great in any area of the home and can be painted with any design you might like.

Head Board DIY unit : No need to buy a headboard when you can make yourself something this beautiful and still keep an elegant wooden look to your bedroom.

Bungee Organizer : have yourself an amazing area where you can keep small stuff like scarfs and sun glassed, a nice and easy solution .

DIY Wood Bookshelf : This great idea used leather belts and wooden shelves to make a beautiful vintage bookshelf for those of us who like to read.

Wooden pendant  : Make these stylish ring pendants with wood , they are really easy and cheap to make and look stylish.

DIY Wood pendants : Another great idea to make pendants using wood and some string, you can add color to the wood or keep it natural as you please.

DIY wooden Holder  : This jewelry board is very convenient and costs close to nothing to make while still functional to all your needs, a brilliant idea indeed.

DIY Wooden Mirrors : Did someone say mirror? Yes, this wooden mirror orbit idea is amazing for those of us who like the vintage look.

Wooden branches table  : With tree branches you can make a nice vintage natural looking table for your sitting area, a great tip for outdoor lovers.

Bracelet DIY : This wooden bracelet is really simple to make and you could make many different designs because of how cheap it is.

Wooden cheese tray : This chalkboard cheese tray is simple and brilliant more so because of you you can write an indication of exactly what you are serving.

Wooden Cube Lighting  : This Cube Pendant light is really  easy to make and easy to hang up this makes changing the design and switching it around even easier too, brilliant.

Candle stands : These beautiful DIY candle stands are cheap and easy to make and make for a beautiful addition to the décor of the home.

Wooden Pencil  Holder : This wooden pencil holder is amazing for anywhere, be it at home or at a workspace, it is nice and easy to make, try it.

Mounted Wooden Wine Rack : This is a great idea for wine lovers, a nice place to keep your wines and have them ready for whenever you want, a neat and clean solution too.

Wooden Painted Bangles : These are beautiful for the ladies, and because they are so cheap and easy for anyone to make you could make plenty with plenty designs.

Wood Grain Wall : Do not limit this idea to the bedroom alone, a geometric wood grain wall can be placed in any room you wish it to be in in the house. Brilliant idea!

Log Slice wall Clock : This idea is honestly one of the best for wall clocks, simply remove the clock mechanism from an old wall clock and use it on a log slice this way and you have yourself this amazing piece.

Porch Swing : This porch garden swing is brilliant and can be made with wood pallets or some other wood pieces for a stronger base for those who wish it so.

Photo Holder : This amazing wood photo holder can be made with different variants in terms of size and this makes for a great picture display around the house.

Wooden wall stars : These wooden wall stars are great to brighten up a dull room  and you need not limit yourself to just stars, use other shapes too.

Wooden Bird feeder : This is a great idea for feeding the birds as it will take a long time to deteriorate

Wood DIY phone holder : This idea for a phone holder is amazing, easy and cheap to make.

DIY wood Cake stand : Make yourself this easy and cheap wood stand for you to keep and display your cakes.

Wooden Flower Vase : This is a great idea using small wooden stumps.

Log Slice table : This log slice table is amazing for an entryway to keep the small things we usually forget.

Wood slice coat hangers : This is a neat and great ideas for coat hanger and would work best in an entryway.

Wood pencil Block : This wood pencil blocks makes for a great area to keep your pencils on your work table or home work area.

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