30 DIY Ideas That You Need Today

31 DIY ideas that you need today idea 18

31 DIY ideas that you need today idea 18

How often have you wished you could do something by yourself simply because you don’t have the money to pay someone else to do it or you don’t have the patience to wait for someone else to do it. That is where DIY comes in to play, do it yourself with these easy tricks and tutorials. Have a few scarps lying around? See how you can revamp them to add a personal touch to your décor. Here are 30 DIY ideas that you need today! Everything ranging from wall décor, your back garden and something for all those candles in your house. Have fun with these DIY ideas.

1.This DIY idea for your backyard is great when you don’t have a ceiling in place to work with. This is great for those summer nights outside with the family.

2.Storage space has been made easy with this trick, recycle old glass jars, and pin the lids to the bottom of a shelf that way you can screw in the jars for easy placement and it also makes it easy to find what you are looking for.

3.Make your bathroom look fancy and well organized with this nifty little trick, it saves room in your bathroom and reduces clutter.

4.If you are a family oriented person this is perfect for you, all you need is a few pictures in a frame and a clock mechanism. This will make your living room a homey place and will lead to great conversation when guests are visiting.

5.Tired of using your old boring candles?  Why not make them a bit more interesting by placing them in a bigger jar that has different colored things of different textures. This will add a bit of light and flavor to a room.

6.Socks tend to get lost or misplaced, what do you do with old torn socks or socks without partners? Make dolls for your little ones by using this creative DIY step by step tutorial to make something fun and colorful.

7.Are you tired of your jeans? Feel like they need a bit of flare or something to spice them up a bit? Why not add a lace cuff to your jeans with this great DIY trick. IT will be as if you bought an entire new pair of jeans.

8.Old pallets can be repainted and used to make storage boxes for your garden or backyard.  They are great because they won’t look out of place in your backyard as they already have an earthy feel.

9.If there is a birdbath that has been sitting in your garden unused for too long why not use it for something else? Place a few candles on it to add a lovely shimmery effect to your garden or backyard.

10.Candle wax tends to get hot and runny when a candle has been on too long. If you need a quick and easy candle holder that will allow you to carry the candle around and not get burn the funnel is a great replacement for whatever candle holder you might have. It’s also a great way of recycling.

11.Back to your bathroom again, shutters add a great feel to any space and can be used to make storage space by attaching a rack to it and repainting it. This will be great for mini towels, soap bars and scrubs.

12.Candle holders can sometimes get boring. If you have a few split peas you can add them to a vase and put your candle in the vase. It gives of a very vibrant and earthy feel.

13.If you are lucky to have pebbles around where you stay, or simply a collection you are thinking about throwing out. Why not make a pebble mat? Ay need is a piece of a mat in any desired shape some glue and pebbles.

14.If you have any pebbles left from the pebble mats, feel free to move the pebbles to the garden in case you have any plain buckets being used as a plant pot. All you need to do is layer cover the sides of the bucket in non sanded grout, cover with a thin layer of gauze stick the pebbles then leave to dry and watch your garden instantly become a bit more prettier.

15.Mason light jars are a great DIY trick to add a bit of sunshine into your life. Follow the easy tutorial and if you want to make things a bit more interesting add a bit of glitter to play around with the color that will bounce of the light.

16.If your favorite t-shirt is getting boring or maybe there is a stain on somewhere you can’t get rid of but you still love the t-shirt, why not revamp it by adding lace to it with this easy DIY trick. It will add a funky feel to it and make it seem as though it’s brand new.

17.Every person with jewelry knows the struggle of trying to keep everything organized without it tangling or rubbing against each other. Also having to look for something specific in a short amount of time can be quite agitating. This easy DIY trick involves the bottom of plastic bottles, a few bottles to make a soda bottle jewelry displayer.

18.Old doors don’t always have to go to waste, the can add a vintage look to a room or if repainted a lovely fun magical door feel. With this trick one can make a bookcase by adding a few shelves to the door frame and placing it in the corner of a room.

19.Old pallets are great for making several things including holding up picture frames as it adds a certain earthy feel to the room and is quite lovely to look at it.

20.If you love bracelets but the prices in the stores make you sad, why not make your own? All you need is a few pins, a pack of beads and a little string.  Place the beads through the pins and then string all the pins together according the size of your wrist.

21.Coffee smells great! I think we can all agree on it, if you have the tiny candles lying around, add them to little jars filled with coffee, they will illuminate the room and add a lovely strong coffee scent.

22.DIY candle centerpiece to place in your living area ,or even in your bathroom for those long bubble baths after a long day that don’t need the lights on, but just a gentle candle light to brighten the mood.

23.In case you have been wondering what to do with all that space under your stair case, why not turn it into a bookshelf, it will save storage space and has more or less already been organized into parts. The children could have the lower sections and your valuables could be placed a bit higher on the book shelf.

24.If you love music and light his idea is for you. Put some music notes in a mason jar and a candle the musical notes will light up.

25.Old pallets are great for crafty ideas especially when you have young ones around the house and need something for them. This Moon shapped cradle is a great DIY project that is easy to make and can also be used to rock the baby to sleep. The option to paint is completely yours.

26.If you love wine like I do you must have plenty of cork screws lying around. Did you know they can be used to plant seedlings? All you need to do is drill a hole into them, add a bit of soil and transfer the plant. You can pin these to your wall before they are transferred to your garden.

27.Old tiny tea cups can make beautiful candle holders. This is probably the easiest DIY trick ever.

28.If you love to sew or you just so happen to have a lot of pins lying around to help you with your designs make sure you try this easy and creative DIY trick to make sure you don’t lose any more pins.

29.If you can’t seem to let go of your old bags, try this funky idea of making picture frames out of your bags and hanging them on your wall. This is an innovative way to show off your pictures and brilliant personality.

30.Use a piece of log to create a vase by digging out the inner part of the log, and placing a flower pot inside. It will be as though there is a tiny tree in your home. This is also great for your garden when adding new plants to your collection as it will blend right in and is very earthy.

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