31 Awesome Cool DIY ideas using Nail Polish

12.Nail polished Marble Necklace

12.Nail polished Marble Necklace

Nail polish has become an amazing DIY tool and is expanding more and more into the outside sphere of doing general stuff. It is no longer about the nails much anymore but instead people have found so many creative ways to put it into great use. The readiness and easy use of it comes so much in handy not to mention how easy it is to get and very cost effective to use. Here we will give you 31 great tips and ideas on how you can go about using your own nail polish to make some great DIY stuff.

Bobby Pin earrings: using bobby pins could be a great idea for earrings, simply paint with the nail polish color of your choice and voila.

Bottle Cap Magnets:  create nice bottle cap magnetic pieces to pin notes up on your fridge, makes for a cool nicer fridge.

Funky earrings: color blocking has become such a thing ,or simply color with any combination of colors you want and have nice DIY earrings.

Color keys: paint over some keys with nail polish and you will have a nice and colorful system to help you remember which key is which.

Color Coded Shoes: red or blue bottoms? Well have your pick ladies, making your own color coded shoes has never been easier than with nail polish and keeps them looking classy.

DIY enamel spoons : making customization to your cutlery is easy too, you can make your own specific designs and have them looking great.

Faux Crystals : you can make your own crystals and have them looking amazing with shiny nail polish like this.

Gem Book Markers : for the readers here is an amazing ideas for some book markers that look stylish and glamorous.

Polka Dot Wallet and phone case : this amazing idea can let you customize your phone case however way you want to and in whatever colors you so wish

DIY jewelry : make your own jewelry using some wire and nail polish, you can make your own amazing designs  and experiment with it.

Nail polish Mugs : make your own beautiful mugs or even cups with nice designs like these using nail polish, amazing and creative idea!

Nail polished Marble Necklace : This amazing marble necklace can be made with so many different designs and stills looks amazing, nice and affordable to make.

Neon Earrings : these amazing DIY earrings cost very little to make, simply paint over small sections with the colors you want and you have great accessories.

Polka Dot Phone case : make your own i-phone case this way with different colored nail polish, a great and innovative idea.

Necklace ideas : Here is another great DIY  necklace idea, a nice and big one to make a statement wherever you go.

Enamel dots : this idea is great because it can be used a lot in different ideas and crafts, here is a short tutorial on how to make your own enamel dots where ever you want them

DIY stud earrings : make your own little stud earrings and color them with nail polish, a great idea to have you switching through them a lot.

DIY make up brushes: these DIY make up brushes are amazing and you can make your won with different colors and different designs with nail polish.

Marbled Paper art work : you can make your own art work this way, a nice little portrait around the house brings life to the place.

Marbled Crafts: here is a simple example of how you can make your own marbled nail polish art.

Nail polish Butterfly art ideas: some ideas on how you can make your own nail polish artistic butterfly pieces to use around your home a décor.

Nail polish chopsticks : color code your chopsticks, a great idea to not have them looking the same old boring colors.

DIY hair clips: make some nail polish hair clips, paint them with different colors of nail polish to keep them looking great and different.

DIY bag : lively up your plain old hand bag and make it nice looking by splashing it this way with some nail polish.

Neon shoes: have your shoes brightened up with some colored nail polish.

Colored Bangles : paint your color bangles with different colors to have them color blocked and looking great.

Nail polish sun shades: Add a little touch to your shades by using nail polish to color them in different ways.

Nail polished earphones: here is a short tip on how you can use nail polish to add a little spunk to your earphones.

Painted seashells : when used right sea shells can make for lots of different accessories, here are some nice ones you can use for your painted sea shells

Friendship necklaces : make your own little  nice necklaces this way for you and your friends.

Nailpolished necklaces: here is one final idea for the necklaces, you can do so many with nail polish and have great neck pieces

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