33 Interior Decorating Ideas Bringing Natural Materials and Handmade Design into Homes

33 Interior Decorating Ideas Bringing Natural Materials and Handmade Design into Homes 8

33 Interior Decorating Ideas Bringing Natural Materials and Handmade Design into Homes 8

All things natural come at unexpected time but sometimes you can create your own luck with nature and design your own things from natural material and make stuff on your own with your own hands.

1. This is nice for wood and flowers that can easily blend with the table

2. This is good for people who like to blend trees and nature into the room to make it more comfortable and friendly.

3. Get some nice stones varying in different colors and shapes and use them as a base for your cups and pots.

4. Get candles and put them in a spiral wooden tree formation.

5. Get some jars and put tree branches for creativity. Also add some color to it.

6. Get some shells and stars from the sea or beach and add them to your wall design.

7. Make pads out of beans. Make sure they are kept colored to keep things interesting.

8. Have a candle surrounded by corn tied around it.

9. Have candles on top of sea shells. Keep them small so they don’t fall off.

10. Get some bamboo sticks and put them together to make a pad and matt where you can put your tea and coffee.

11. Get papers and scissors into one place where you can have creative art ideas.

12. Get a vase and put large amounts of flower in it.

13. Install a wooden a branch on your wall where you can hang kitchen utensils.

14. Get colored planks or color them yourself and hang them on a wall of bricks.

15. Get a vase with a tree in it which can hold multiple types of decorations.

16. Use branches from trees to make railings of a staircase.

17. Use rocks with multiple colors and put candles in glass.

18. Have nuts created on a surface where they can be displayed.

19. Get hooks and make them into sea shell hooks that can hold clothes and bags.

20. Get planks of wood and wires that connect to them and hang your jewelry on them.

21. Install framework that has tree branches inside them.

22. Have a portrait of a tree made of wood.

23. Get as many rocks and stones as possible and fit them into a see through enclosure for this lovely effect.

24. Get a chair and add marble stones to it. Keep it classy.

25. Put stone shaped frame around your mirror to bring out a nice effect.

26. Use branches with flowers above marble stones and some tree barks.

27. Use tree bark to cut out where you can put framed pictures for memories.

28. Use a big chunk of wood for resting books and hanging photos.

29. Use colored stones. Hang them on the wall with marbles

30. Have lamps hanging from tree branches.

31. Get tree branches and barks and create a round frame.

32. Have a book shelf hanging off a tree? No problem

33. Have some parts of a chopped tree sand finished and put them on the wall.

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