Affordable And Easy To Make DIY Compost Bins

Affordable And Easy To Make DIY Compost Bins 11

Affordable And Easy To Make DIY Compost Bins 11

Making a DIY compost bin isn’t something as difficult as it is made out to be. Using basic everyday household items you can transform them to work for you as a compost bin and this will be a great money saving factor for you. Buying compost bins usually gives us the added unnecessary expense, and we end up spending more and more because we don’t have the knowledge of how to go about making our own. Below we will give you some of the best ideas for making your own DIY compost bin, cheap and easy.

1.With some wood, wire and metal(and plastics for those who wish). You can create your own compost bin like this one, saving money and having a large area for your compost.

2.Don’t want to do too much? Here’s a great idea, just use a cardboard box, open it up and make it your own compost bin, it should hold a while.

3.To keep the critters out we also suggest this angled compost bin using blocks and mesh wire, you could make a bigger one depending on the size you need it to be.

4.You could use a normal household bin and get some rope to tie it up, it still works perfect as a compost bin too, easy solution for all.

5.Using cinder blocks and wood you can create a nice and large enough compost bin, it will take a short while to make and will last you a pretty long time.

6.Wood pallets are always a great help in DIY . This compost bin made from pallets is great and has a good deal of durability too, so it should last a while.

7.Wooden planks are a great way and easy way to piece together so making this compost bin shouldn’t take much time.

8.This lumber compost bin, all you need is a few power tools and some nails to piece it together and you have a great compost bin.

9.This is a neatly contained compost bin. A simple one made from wires and wood, nice and compact but keeps to its functionality.

10.The storage container turned compost bin is a great idea, you spend very little money and you still have a strong and durable storage place.

11.You need not really need tools sometimes. With straw bales you could create your own structure this way to make your very own compost heap and this is by far the easiest solution that will cost no money if you already have the straw there.

12.This shower door was turned to help close this compost heap, it is essential it maintains its moisture so if you have any unused doors and a compost bin that size, cover it up.

13.Cut out the bottoms of crates and stack them up this way and you will have made yourself a nice compost bin, all you need to do is cut a piece of plank that size and you are good to go.

14.Using a wheeled caster and turning it into a compost bin like this is great. Coloring it to your own preference.

15.These barrels that are turned into compost bins are also another great idea, they give a nice and large enough storage space.

16.You could cut out spots into the ground ,not necessarily the X, any that you please, and then make this your own compost bed.

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