Awesome DIY Projects That Men Should Try

7.DIY Bottle Opener

7.DIY Bottle Opener

It seemed like DIY favored women than men, which is not true. DIY has so many projects for men. Anything women can do, men can do it better. Most men are creative, skills and of course they have an advantage of being more energetic. Mmh, I don’t want to sound with masculinity. I am only trying to awaken men to try DIY projects, they are fun to do and a romantic way to make women fall in love even more by gifting them with a handmade craft. Isn’t it special? On the brighter side, it is also economic. C’mon, I have 10 cool projects for you; let’s check them out!

DIY Log Lounger

No doubt, this is classy. It is a unique piece of furniture that will totally blow your mind. If you have logs leftover, this is what you need for this project. It is perfect for rustic or farmhouse home.

DIY House Number

Let people recognize your house number with a surprise. I personally like to be unique, to stand out. This is one of the important projects to do whenever I shift to a new house. I want uniqueness from outdoors to indoors.

DIY Wooden Mat

Winter needs this. It is always stressful to clean when shoes come with mud and snow from the streets. But this wooden mad will help to brush the dirt off. Not only in winter can this mat do. It can work for any other season. The fact that it is wooden makes it stylish.

DIY Dodecahedron Pendant Light

Here is a lighting project. This dodecahedron pendant light will fit any room in your house. It is not an easy project but the result is awesome and worth all the energy and time.

DIY Fire Place Table Top

As summer approaches, you definitely need a new outdoor project to change its look. Fire place is loved for cold seasons but when summer chases the cold away, they no longer look pretty. This project should maintain it and keep it inviting throughout the spring, summer and autumn.

DIY Beer Barrel Bed

Amazing, right? Dream bed, I would love to sleep her one night. I still remember the rhymes we read in nursery, I thought they weren’t real. DIY proved me wrong. But I wonder how did this giant bed pass through the door?

DIY Bottle Opener

There are so many portable bottle openers and why have this huge opener? Well, this does not only open the bottle caps, it also catches them so you don’t have to bend looking for the cap that slipped off your hands. These tops can participate in other DIY projects

DIY Vintage Ice Chest

If you have pallets and you love ice, then this project is totally you. Instead of buying an expensive ice chest, DIY brings you a cool vintage one. What else is better than a cheaper one?

DIY Wrenches Hooks

Men know these things; they have them in their garages. If they are old you want to throw them, don’t. You will need them for this project. All you add is a screw driver and your energy.

DIY Tire Sink

Mind blowing!! What an amazing creativity here; A sink that is also a tire. Whoever came up with this project, bless you! DIY men, you should do this and make the dudes jealous.

I hope you found this compilation useful and that someday you will work on one or two.

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