Best tips and great Guide to Awesome DIY shelves

4.the cubby shelf

4.the cubby shelf

Having shelves that look great and still have a great positional placement in the house and STILL keep the general area looking great and blend in with the surroundings is actually hard to do. We often find that the shelves we have don’t quite fit the full criteria of what we want them to be and the place ends up looking dull. Well, it is not impossible to have all these things and more with DIY shelves. Below we will give you some tips and guides on how you can make your own shelves and have them looking amazing wherever you put the.

The Shelf Ladder : Transform your small step ladder into this great looking outdoor shelf and you have an amazing place for your small plants.

Toilet Roll shelf : This small shelf can be made to hold your toilet paper and some small additional items, it has the bathroom looking neat and stylish too.

Door Shelf : Transform your door into this amazing corner DIY shelf this way, with the right paint it looks really awesome in a room.

The Cubby shelf : This shelf is really great for those of us with lots of books to keep, the dimensions are given below.

Popsicle stick shelf : this shelf is made from lots of popsicle sticks and you could experiment with other shapes and designs, brilliant!!

Corner floating Shelf : This DIY corner floating shelf is also really amazing especially for kitchens with little storage areas.

Industrial pipe shelf : With small concrete blocks and industrial pipes you could create your own amazing shelf like this.

Open small shelf : This small open shelf really helps with organizing your laundry and is an easy DIY make that looks great in any room.

Industrial Desk and shelf : this DIY industrial shelf and desk is really a great addition for a scholar or as a workspace you want to use at home, really cool!

Wood slice shelf: These are also some easy DIY projects that remain looking great, the wood slice idea keeps the place looking nice, clean and classy.

Books into book shelves : You could repurpose your old books this way and turn them into a book shelf and it has a nice and unique look to it.

Media Shelves : You can create DIY shelves for your home entertainment system this way, very easy to make and very functional keeps the area clean.

Bathroom Floating shelves : These floating shelves are never a bad idea and they bring with them a nice elegant but vintage look with them, great stuff!

Stacked End tables : sometimes we may only need to stack some tables together against the wall ad you have just created yourself a nice shelving area in this way.

DIY Crates shelves : use old crates and repurpose them into these amazing looking shelves for your entryway, they can be used in any area of the house too.

Crate Shelf idea : this small tutorial shows you how you can make your own book shelf using crates against the wall this way too, a beautiful clean and neat idea.

Bathroom Storage shelf : the shelf in the  bathroom is always a necessity and it is great because it will keep your place neat and clean.

Shelves Using industrial Piping : This shelf is amazing and has a great vintage feel to it, simply made with some industrial pipes and still looks amazing in any room you place it in .

Bathroom shelf : This shelf is great in the bathroom for decorative measures and adds a little flavor to the place.

Honeycomb shelf : Your hexagonal shaped shelves can be shaped and made into this amazing piece, a great artistic DIY idea for anywhere in the home.

Skateboard Shelf  : For those of us who are into skateboarding why not make it a thing inside the home too, this great idea can be made to work in any room of the house.

Laundry Room Shelves : These laundry  shelves are really easy to make as DIY and they serve the full functionality as they are strong and can handle the laundry weight.

Lobby brackets : Lobby brackets are an essential and once you have them you can pick any base you want the shelf to be and simply mount it on.

Bathroom wooden crates : these storage crates look amazing in the bathroom and still keep functional.

Metal basket shelf : These metal basket shelves have the advantage of durability and being able to still keep an amazing look in the area.

DIY branch Shelf : This branch shelf is amazing and keeps in line with whatever functionality a shelf should have, a great and innovative idea.

Chalkboard shelf : This chalkboard shelf could help you keep track of some things incase you need to write them down to remember them.

Floating shelf : here are some step by step tutorial for a basic floating shelf

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