Brilliant Decor with Rustic Theme

3. Simple Table

3. Simple Table

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” this saying says it all! When it comes to home decorations it is at times best to go simple. Because most people do not go simple when it comes to their home décor, you going simple would make you and your home décor quite unique. With the ideas and DIYs that you will see here, you will get to learn that with the simplest of change in your décor ornaments, you can change the way an entire room looks. Go ahead and give these DIYs a try!

DIY Farmhouse Table

This DIY is basically a simple wooden table. The cutting if the table is nothing fancy but an ordinary shape.  You can use this shape for any kind of table you want, whether it be a coffee table or a dining table.

Log Candle Holder

A great way to be creative with the simplicity is trying something like this. For this idea, you need to drill in a log to make some cup holder sized holes. You will need to make sure that the holes are big enough to place any ordinary candle holding cup. You can they place the log on metal stand so it does not get to roll around.

Simple Table

This is quite an easy table to make. You can cut up the table top from a log or use a big enough plank. You can then use sandpaper and vanish to make the top look better and less rough. You can use some simple material for the table legs.

Wooden Wardrobe

You can use some wooden pallets to make this wardrobe. Make sure not to paint over the pallets but rather use the natural color that the wood comes in. this way, the wardrobe still looks simple. You can use this wardrobe just as it is, or, you can place it in a closet just as well.

DIY Rustic Farmhouse Table

The great part about this rustic table is that you can use it as a table for any room indoors, and, you can use it as a table for the outdoors. The natural color of the wood makes it look as if you are bringing some nature indoors, which is a beautiful and simple décor trick.

DIY Rustic Nightstands

Still might be the easiest DIY you can ever come across. It involves using some wooden crates and adding a little more detail. To make these night stands, you can simply add a plank or two to make shelves of some sort in the wooden crates. You can also use vanish so to make them shiny and make the color pop.

Plant Rack

This creative rack will allow you to bring in some plants so that they can simply be part of your decorations. You can make this rack from scratch, or you can choose to make a crate that is the size you like. You can place your plants in this rack and place the rack on any furniture top you please.

Glass Bottle Lantern

This is a modern way of bringing back lanterns. You can place some fairy lights in glass bottles. On the necks of the bottles, you can attach some details that will a settle enough to suit the rest of your décor. Make sure to give your lantern a handle on which you can hang and carry them.

Simple Photo Frames

Instead of using a lot of money on buying picture frames, you can save up and make your very own. You can use some wooden planks to make the picture frames. In the frames, you can put some plain colored photographs so to complete the look.

DIY Creativity

This is the perfect way to bring out your creativity. It involves framing a part of nature and bring it in so to be a part of your home decorations. You can frame a small branch, some leaves or even some stones and pebbles.

Small Logs on Wall

You just might be surprised with what you can do with small logs. You can stick them firmly oto the wall in any random pattern you please. For this to work well, you will have to make sure that the color of the logs work well with the color of the wall o which they are stuck on.

DIY Mirror Frames

A great way of using the rustic theme is by making this mirror frame. To make this frame, you can use some wooden planks. You can then either hang the mirror or, insert another plank at the back so to enable it to stand.

Signs on Wood

Signs can also be made simple so to fit in with the rustic and farmhouse theme. You can do this by using light white paint or white wash. This will go well with darker colored wood. You can also cut up the wood to make different shapes and sizes.

Rustic Table Runner Tray

On this tray runner, you can place different things. You can choose to use it as plant holder, and so you can place your decorative plants in the tray. You can also use the tray to place some of the most commonly used objects that are needed on that particular table.

DIY Rustic Finish

You can put together some planks so to make this. You can use some planks that are the actual color of wood. This is so to promote the effects. You can also choose anything in particular to place in the rustic finish.

Portable Plant Tray

With this plant tray, you will be able to move your plants from one area to another with no problem at all. You can make the handles using some rope, or you can use any other material you are comfortable with.

Rustic Mason Jar Décor

You can use some simple colors to paint over the mason jars. You can also use some white wash to paint over the mason jars. In the jars, you can place some beautiful simple colored flowers. You can also place in them some dried flowers.

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