Brilliant Ideas for Kitchen Storage Cabinets

6. Counter Top Shelves

6. Counter Top Shelves

To many, the kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house. Because of this, there is a need for a well decorated, tidy and well-organized kitchen. It is more difficult for one to work in a kitchen that has no order. Because of this, we have for you some incredible and creative ways that you can store your utensils and other kitchen appliances. These ideas will help you keep order in your kitchen, and this means it will help you keep things clean and ready to use just as well. Most people believe that the cleaner and more organized the kitchen is, the more inviting and welcoming it is. Try these ideas out in your kitchen and be impressed by the changes!

Compartment Cabinet

Instead of having your ordinary cabinet, you can add some features to the cabinet to help organize things better. You can add some drawers to the cabinet, and inside the drawers, you can make division or compartments so to have specific storage areas for specific utensils or appliances. The advantage of doing this is that it will help with making things easier when it comes to finding things in your cabinets.

Basket Drawers

There are many ways of bringing some creativity to your kitchen storage. One of these ways is by incorporating ideas such as using baskets for drawers. This is a unique idea as well. You can use the basket drawers to store some food supplies such as potatoes and onions. You can also use the basket drawers for things such as dish towels and serviettes. Depending on what you placed in them, you can have the basket drawers placed in cabinets that are near or close to where you usually use their ingredients.

Pull Out Shelves

This DIY is an incredible way for you to save space, keep similar objects together and still be creative. You can keep things such as spices in these pull-out shelves. This will allow you to find all of your spices in one place. By making the shelves pull out, you are allowing double the amount of storage to be created creatively and uniquely.

Baking Tray Cabinet

It is best to keep utensils and appliances in the kitchen in the areas where they are mostly used, or close to what they are usually associated with. For example, you can create a cabinet near your oven where you can store all the baking trays. This can also be done for pots, where you will create a cabinet close to the stove where you will keep your pots.

Pocket Shelves

Believe it or not, but you can create a cabinet in a space where you never expected to! These pocket shelves can be placed at the edge of a cabinet. These shelves do not take up much space, but they help with the storage of things such as books, cards, and other thin and small objects. If you have a lot of recipes on paper, this is a DIY that you should try out for storage.

Counter Top Shelves

If you have a small kitchen, this storage idea is a must try for you and your kitchen. It involves creating cabinets and shelves on the wall that is above your counters and appliances. This is an excellent way to utilize your kitchen space so to create more room on the floor and at the same time, create more storage area. For this DIY, you can choose to build the shelves inside some cabinets that can be closed, or you can leave the shelves in the open, whichever you find tidier and more your style.

Hooks in Cabinets

Another incredible and easy way to add more storage area in your cabinets is by placing some hooks in them. The hooks will allow you to place the things that can easily be hanged from your kitchen. The great part about this DIY is that you can place hooks on some cabinet doors and voila! more storage space for you. You can also make these cabinets ant the edges of other cabinets because they usually do not need wide spaces.

Portable Shelves

In this day and age, it is quite rare to find portable shelves in kitchens. Well, this is a great way to bring back that trend. Not only will you be creating more storage space, but you will also be bringing back an old traditional setting for your kitchen. One can never go wrong with traditional! These portable shelves can be of any size you please. The other great part about these shelves is that you can make them on your own with the help of some nails and a hammer. Give it a try!

Traditional Cupboard

Who says you cannot bring some vintage into your kitchen? You can do this by using a cupboard for storage. With a cupboard, you can store a number of different utensils all in one place. For example, you can use the cupboard for all your dining utensils. This means all of them are in one area, making it easier to locate the things you need. In your cupboard, you can include some drawers, shelves and hooking areas as well. This will be the ultimate all in one cabinet!

Multi-Layered Cabinet

This DIY involves making more than one pull out shelf layer. You can have a whole compartment full of pull out shelves. This helps if you have many of the small objects that you keep in these pull-out shelves. This means instead of having many cabinets turned into a pullout shelf; you can simply have one main one with more shelves that get pulled out. This idea also helps to keep the other cabinets for other things as well. This is a great DIY storage idea especially for those with small kitchens as well.

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