Create Your Own Outdoor Dining Area

5. Saga Green Kitchen

5. Saga Green Kitchen

Alfresco dining is becoming more and more popular for many homes today. Not only does creating a stylish dining space outdoors enable you to really make the most of the garden space you have, but it also enables you to expand your home and create more space for you to enjoy. Here are some top tips on how to create your own perfect dining area in your garden.

Location is Key

It may seem like an obvious thing to consider, but many people tend to overlook this part of the planning process and it can result in having a negative effect on your dining space. Deciding on the location of your dining area is really important, not only will it have an effect on the way you can use the rest of your garden, but you can also control how much sunlight your dining area receives throughout the day too. If your kitchen happens to back onto your garden, then positioning your outdoor dining area in this part of the garden will be ideal for when it comes to bringing out the food, as you’ll be able to open your kitchen doors and have a clear path to come inside and out when needed!

Keep Things Private

Privacy is key in every aspect of the home, but it’s even more essential when you plan to spend quality time in your garden with friends and family. Dependant on your style of garden and the space you have to work with, there are a variety of options you can choose to add a little privacy to your outdoor dining area. One very popular design choice is to introduce some fencing to the outskirts of your dining area. By adding some fencing, you can instantly create a much more intimate, private space that will work well for you. If you don’t want to add fencing to this particular area of your garden then you may want to add something a little more aesthetically pleasing, such as a pergola. This kind of plant will help keep the area sheltered and private at the same time.

Outdoor Furniture

The best part to creating your own outdoor dining space, is being able to decorate and create a welcoming space for you and your family to use. When selecting your outdoor furniture, its important to keep practicality and durability in mind. Investing in good quality pieces is really beneficial, as this ensures your furniture will last you much longer. For wooden items, make sure they are treated in a durable lacquer, and if not, give them a varnish yourself before putting them outside. To avoid metal furniture from rusting then be sure to keep up with the paintwork and move them indoors when the bad weather arrives, as this will prevent any weather damage.

Practical Features

There are a few items that are essential with outdoor dining, but often not thought about until they’re actually needed there and then. Outdoor heating is certainly something your dining area will need, especially if you plan on having evenings full of socialising and dining, and whether you opt for a small log burner or some taller gas powered lamps, you can find some really stylish designs that will enhance your dining areas overall look. You then need to consider lighting features for your dining space. Lighting is essential for keeping your dining area lit and useable when night falls and will also help to create a warm and welcoming ambiance that will enhance the overall atmosphere.

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