Creative and Affordable Decoration DIYs

12. Rustic Bathroom Cabinet

12. Rustic Bathroom Cabinet

When it comes to the decoration of any kind, there is a need to have some creativity. These incredible DIYs come into play. Take a look at these ideas so to get your creative juices flowing! Not only will these DIYs help you with finding the perfect décor theme and ornaments, but they will also allow you to do so with the simplest and most affordable material. Give these DIYs a try and impress not only yourself but those around as well with your new decor.

The Hanging Tables

Tables are great, if you are looking for a unique style to decorate your living room, this would be great to try out. It involves having hanging tabletops instead of your ordinary tables. For the table tops, you could use a piece of wood that still has its natural wooden color and goes with any décor theme. It will look simple and classy.

Porch Swing

Some people enjoy taking a sit on their porch and enjoy their view. With this DIY, you will be able to do that and enjoy a perfectly good swing. For this porch swing, you can put together some wooden pallet and some comfy cushions. You can then add in some detail such as using some rope with beautiful colors to wrap around the handles of the swing.

Simple Desk

As the saying says, simplicity is key. That sums up this DIY all together. You can use some simple wood to make this desk. You can use a stool to complete the simple look. The desk does not need to be big. Instead, it can be a simple table with a drawer on it, and around it, you can add in some simple shelves as well. You can use this desk in any room, and it will still be able to look as stylish as intended.

Zigzag Shelves

Instead of having ordinary shelves, why not have shelves that will not only keep your belongings but also serve as part of your décor. You should make sure that the color of the shelves goes well with the rest of the color theme of the rest of the room to complete the look. You can use these shelves either in your home or office.

Ladder Shelves

Best believe that this is one of the most affordable shelves you can have. This DIY involves using ladder steps as shelves. Ladder shelves definitely will be taking your creativity to the next level. You can use these shelves in any room of the house, and they would still look amazing. Shelves definitely will have others appreciating your decorative shelves.

Outer Corner Shelves

DIY allows you to take your creativity to the next level! Forget having boring and ordinary shelves. You can do better by using this DIY. It is not every day that you see shelves on the outer part of the corner. The great part about these shelves is that you can make them any size and pattern you want. You can place these on a corner that is not busy so to avoid any interference.

Artsy Shelves

If you like to incorporate shapes and patterns into your décor, then this DIY is perfect for you. You can have some different shaped shelves as part of your decor. You can use this DIY in the rooms where children spend a lot of time, such as their bedrooms, playrooms, or even classrooms. Because the arty shapes can help make the room look more appealing to them.

Roll Up Notice Board

One of the best places to place a notice board in your home is somewhere near the entrance. Because you can look at it right before you leave your room. This DIY allows you to have a notice board that can also work as part of the décor. You can stylishly pace some cups to near the board so to keep your markers. You can refill the roll-up paper when it is all used up. And also, use different colored paper to add a variety to your décor.

Chalk Board

Who said chalkboards are only meant to use in the classroom? Dare to be unique and bring it into your home and offices. Did you think about to use chalkboards as notice boards? You can place these in your kitchens so to know what groceries are needed or who has what event and when in your office. Also, draw up designs so to have a different decorative pattern on the board at all times.

Bench for Chairs

You might not realize it, but, a simple change such as changing from using chairs to benches can make a great difference in the way a room looks. I use benches on the dining room table. This chair will make the set up look rustic and stylish!  Also, it is good to paint the bench with some whitewash paint so that it looks like the color is fading so to create the perfect rustic look.

Simple Mirror in Room

A mirror can act as the perfect décor ornament in a room. It is possible to add some simple detail to make the decorative mirror look even better. You can use a simple wooden frame to complete the look altogether. Use a natural colored wooden frame that will get on well with the rest of the theme in the room you place the mirror.

Rustic Bathroom Cabinet

The Rustic décor theme is one of the simplest themes to use for decorating. You can use the simplest of furniture and achieve this excellent and classy look for your home. Try out this bathroom cabinet and change the whole look of your bathroom.

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